Riviera’s Ready

Our Riviera has had some time in the water and is running great. But for the record, our blog entry, “Pre-Season Prep,” didn’t include any photos. Well, I got a new camera for my birthday from my mom. So, here’s a few pictures…

Old fuel tank
strap connectors


New connection

And new flax in our Shaft-log and Rudder-log…
And we were pleasantly surprised
to see the bilge cleanup so well…
And for a recap of some of 2009’s work: The transom and aft quarter-round was stripped down to bare wood, sanded, stained, and varnished. The second picture below shows the difference in color between the years of service…
All in all, everything has been good this year. We spent less than 100 hours preparing for this years boating season. That about 1/4 of the time spent most years…


Ready to Ride in 2010…

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