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Saturday, July 31st, 2010

A late start tonight, 7:55! Water patrol was out today because Daniel got hammered at the bar Wed night and drove off the dam full speed. Its been overcast all day but cleared up just as we headed out for the night. Its 78 and have only seen 2 other boats. The Little League playing under the lights, they are state champs plying for All Stars tonight. We passed the Pirate ship by Preston. We saw a mom and 6 baby wood ducks by the food drop that scattered in all directions when the raccoons came running for food! There were 5 raccoons there before we left. We then went up the Maumee to the Clinton St bridge before heading to the dam. All the boats were at the ski club, a dozen or so, some out skiing and the rest drinking beer at the docks! Passed Steve just as we left the dam.  As we passed the ski course, Dave dropped an M-80 in the water scaring the heebee jeebies out of Boots. Two more boats fishing behind Preston.  We came up on the buffet, 1 eating then 5 and eventually 8! Docked at 9:45 and had fire by the river!


Friday, July 30th, 2010

Mike added 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 7:45.  Its overcast and super muggy. We saw the pontoon from the big yellow house on the hill.  Three little raccoons greeted us and followed us back to the buffet site!  They stood up on their hind food begging for food. Then Steve, who has the dock across from Preston, drove by, Boots barked and 2 raccoons ran off. The remaining two attacked the food!  The yellow ski boat and Dave are out skiing.  While we were at the dam, the green boat put in to go tubing.  We made them some waves and they had a serious wipe out.  We only saw 1 Heron.  There was lots of debris on both rivers. There were 2 raccoons there when we got back to Preston. We blinked and there were 10!  As we sat there watching, a Heron flew over us up onto the top of a big tree and ate a pretty good sized fish! We docked at 9:50 and had a fire by the river.


Thursday, July 29th, 2010

We headed out for our cruise at 7:50 tonight.  Its a rather quiet night.  No ride last night due to thunderstorms.  Refilled the raccoon buffet and headed for the dam.  Have only seen a handful of Wax Wings and 3 Heron.  Just as we were leaving the dam, Brittany and Riley showed up.  We chatted a while and headed for home.  The ski club was out tonight pulling 3 skiers behind 1 boat!  We saw 2 raccoons by the 3 big pipes.  Back at Preston, we ended up watching 8 raccoons enjoying our buffet! On the way home by Gortes Island, a big owl flew in front of us!  We pulled up to the dock at 9:50 tonight.


Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas.  Late start tonight due to company and Mike starting his “boat shop”.  Pushed off at 8:15.  Once out where the Maumee and Auglaize join, we saw a pontoon just finishing tubing.  We dropped our raccoons food and headed for the dam.  There was a ski boat using the ski course tonight so we putted by careful not to make too big of waves.  Saw Herons, Kingfishers, Swallows and Wax Wings. On the way home, we saw a doe and 2 fawns crossing under the 281 bridge.  Once back at Preston, food gone and nobody there.  So, we dropped some more goodies and one came running, then another.  Ducks flying around everywhere.  Another raccoon came to join in the buffet eating…a couple of squabbles and soon we had 7!  As we left and rounded Preston, 2 big owls flew over…what a sight!  Night Hawks out doing acrobatics.  A beautiful night and ride!  Docked at 9:55.


Monday, July 26th, 2010

We headed out about 7:40.  We saw lots of Purple Martins, Wood Ducks, Kingfishers, and Herons.  Three raccoons there and fighting before we even dropped off the food!  We have the entire river to ourselves and on such a gorgeous night! The river down at the dam was clean but really scummy on the Auglaize.  Once back at Preston, there was no food and no raccoons.  We dropped more food and they came out of everywhere!  5, 6 then 7 raccoons and before long, came an 8th!  Sam was in heaven!  Watched a while and were and docked by 9:50.


Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 7:50.  No ride last night due to thunder storms:( It is finally cooler, 82!  We played with 2 jet skies jumping our waves until one took a really bad wipe out! :O We saw a kayak at the far point of Preston as we went on the other side to drop raccoon food. One there and another showed up quickly.  A short squabble and one ran off with the food.  Just then, a Red Tailed Hawk flew over, wow was it big! A big tree right in the middle of the safe path on our way rounding Preston. There were 5 raccoons scrounging for food by the city water treatment plant and a family of wood ducks swam in front of the boat by the ski course. We only saw 2 boats out tonight, one of them was docking as we were leaving the dam…they ran out of gas just in front of the docks! Lots of birds of all kinds tonight, heron, kingfishers, waxwings, swallows, fly catchers and oriels. We saw a small  raccoon across from Graceland.  Passed 3 boats between 281 bridge and Preston.  As we got back to Preston, the lone goose was waddling down the bank, it seems injured.  As we got back to the food drop, 4 raccoons waiting and another quickly followed.  Went around Preston another time and headed home.  Beautiful sunset and a bright full moon!  Pulled into dock at 9:53.


Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Mike added 10 gallons of gas and refilled our spare tank.  We left at 7:40, its still 98 with a heat index its 103…hot, hot , hot! :O  We saw a little group of duck playing in the water by Lil Gortes.  There was a big red tailed hawk circling around the RR Bridge. Lots of people fishing by Kingsbury Park area.  As we pulled up to refill our buffet, a little raccoon came out.  We dropped the food and left.  Passed the yellow ski boat by the 281 bridge.  There were lots of Great Blue Heron from the 281 bridge to the dam.  Just past the dam in the trees, we saw 5 Great White Egrets, usually don’t see them until late fall.  As Mike walked the dogs, the skies got really dark.  On the way back, there was a deer eating leaves from a tree on the edge of the water.  The night hawks came out right after sunset tonight.  The pirate ship was out on the opposite side of Preston from us.  As we pulled up to the buffet spot, 2 raccoons were eating, then 3.  Not much later, 3 ran up the river bank! And then there were 7!  Docked under 5/6 of a moon at 9:48.


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

We waited for a storm to pass over then headed out at 7:40.  Its still 92 and super sticky from humidity. Saw Dave at Preston as he headed down the Maumee to the ski club.  We dropped food and saw 7 heron behind Preston. By the time we left the dam, it had gotten pretty windy.  We didn’t get far, thanks to Mike and him wanting to make a couple of big circles from the dam to the ski club, as we ran out of gas…literally!  He pulled out our spare jug and added 1 1/2 gals. re-primed and started her back up.  😛  We passed Dave trying to ski the ski course and saw 3 raccoons by the 3 big pipes. Back at Preston, there were 6 raccoons eating from our buffet! We didn’t stay long due to the gas situation. We passed Mike and his dogs on his pontoon by DMP and a boat towing another to Pontiac Park. The Nighthawks filled the sky again tonight. Got home at 9:35.


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

We pushed off at 7:30 tonight and all is quiet.  We saw a kayak at the library going up river.  We dropped food and saw 12 heron behind Preston, they look pretty beat up. There were 1-200 vultures circling in the sky by the power tower. Since we were out early, we went down to the dam and circled back to ski club and headed back to the dam.  The power boat across from Preston passed and waved. The Green Heron flew past the dam entrance again.  On the way home we saw a man setting up a tent by the ski course on the GM side…not allowed. We also saw 2 raccoons in the wood pile on the bank across from Graceland.  3/4 of a moon tonight!  6 little raccoons eating and when we got close to drop more, one came right up to the water’s edge like it was coming to take it out of our hands!! Before long, we had 9 eating!  We passed a boat by the library and followed one from Gortes’ point to our dock.  Pulled in at 9:50.


Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Before heading out at 7:45, Mike put some oil in our woodie. A v-bottom was fishing between the Gortes Islands and there were 7 canoes from the boy scouts at Riverside Park. We must have seen 30 heron from Preston to the dam! We saw a doe and fawn just past the 3 big pipes.  Tim was skiing the course.  On the way home, the Green Heron flew past us by the ski club.  Tons of fish jumping everywhere. A family of wood ducks swim in front of us by Graceland, and by the 281 bridge we saw a mom and 6 baby raccoons run across a log on the river bank.  Just as we approached Preston, we saw a deer across from the point but it turned and ran. One tiny raccoon waiting for us to bring food, we which we did and watched for a while before another joined in.  After a while, we decided to go and as did they, bellies were full! We had a big family of Mallards swim in front of the boat in front of DMP.  The moon is 2/3 full and the Night Hawks are out everywhere and loud!  Docked at 9:55.


Monday, July 19th, 2010

No ride last night due to rain but tonight we pushed off the dock at 7:35 under the threat of rain.  Just as we cleared the dock, a v-bottom passed. we saw 4-5 other boats before Preston. We dropped the food for our furry friends and saw 7-8 heron. The vultures were all coming in to roost, there must have been 100 all over the power tower and the 3 dead trees! We saw McFeeter and his dogs down at the river.  Just as we were pulling into the dam, a green heron flew past. Mike walked the dogs then back out.  Sea Gulls were everywhere! The sun was trying to peek out from behind the clouds for a short sunset.  We saw a raccoon across from Graceland searching for supper. Back at Preston, one little raccoon looked like he was just getting to the food we left so we decided to head up the Maumee and turned back once we hit Dave’s and headed back to see Sam’s furry friends. There were lots of swallows all around the Clinton St bridge.  Once back at Preston, we watched 2 raccoons for a while then headed home in the company of Night Hawks.  Docked at 9:53.

7/17/2010 Home

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

By 6:35, we were home and I had already dropped off Mike and the dogs with the woodie at Pontiac Park.  They went home by water and I by land all under the threat of thunder.  They got home at 7.  We unpacked the car, ate and headed down to the dock.  We pushed off the dock at 8:15.  We were all tired, hot and in need of relaxation!  We saw 5 boats before Preston.  When we dropped the food, as it hit the ground, a tiny raccoon popped out!  There were lots of heron everywhere, the vultures roosting on the tower, and kingfishers diving everywhere.  The dogs had their first free run in 2 days and enjoyed it greatly!  Saw 4 more boats on our way back to Preston.  We missed the sunset but got to enjoy the 1/2 moon glistening  on the water.  3 more boats were behind Preston but our furry friends were there eating.  We  watched the 4 raccoons for 15-20 minutes before heading home by moonlight.  Common night hawks danced and darted all around us the whole way home.  Docked at 10:15.  Calling it a night, everyone is beat.

Wooden Keels & Vintage Wheels at Indian Lake

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Photos and write-up coming…

Okay, Photos are here…

7/17/2010 Indian Lake

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

We packed our woodie and headed for the boat show at 10:10.  We arrived at 10:30 for a very hot afternoon, 98.   We set up a tent for the dogs and sat in a shady yet breezy spot for the show.  It was a nice but small show, there were about 25 other woodies there in the water and about 20 antique cars around the water…kinda cool!    We left the show at 3:15. The ride home across the lake was the biggest highlight though.  We tired to find a spot for the dogs to get out to run and swim with no luck so we decided to head back to the campsite…I never got my eyes open!  Mike got me soaked with waves splashing over the side.  At one point, the dogs got in the front seat to try to avoid the water.  When clearly that wasn’t working, they got back in the back seat and enjoyed the wet ride  back.  We got back to the campsite at 4 and by 5:02 we had the car packed and our woodie loaded onto the trailer and pulling out of the campground.


Friday, July 16th, 2010

We put in at Indian Lake at 5:15 and made our way through the canals to our campsite where we tried off to two trees.  It took about 20 minutes.  Then at 8:30, we headed out to find the site of the boat show tomorrow. We drove ALL around the lake without luck. Then, when we were about to give up for the night, went back to where we thought it was, and went through the passages, we found it!  It was only 10:15.  Mike and the boys got out for a quick walk then we loaded back in the boat and headed for the campsite.  A beautiful night made even more so by the 1/4 moon shining across the lake. We polled up to the campsite at 10:40.


Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Mike headed for Pontiac park at 5:35 with the threat of rain and thunder over head.  The puppies and I took the truck and trailer to meet Mike in order to take MJ out.  We trailered in sprinkles and were home with sunny skies by 6.  Mike pot 12 gallons of gas in her, changed the spark plugs and gave her a nice bath for the boat show Saturday at Indian Lake.  We leave tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We departed at 7:30 tonight with our wood duck friends scattering all over Lil Gortes. The skies look like rain but it seems we have the river to ourselves!  We dropped the raccoon food and real quick one wet little guy ran out from the tree roots.  What a cute little guy! With the river soooo still, it was a beautiful ride to the dam.  The boys got in a long walk and lots of snoops before getting back into the boat to head home.We saw lots of ducks along the banks from the dam to the 281 bridge.  Once back at Preston, we saw a single Canadian Goose.  We watched it move down the bank looking for food until we stopped to see the raccoons.  Nobody there but we dropped some more food and it wasn’t long before they started to appear.  We watched two for a long time and just as we were getting ready to leave, 4 more came down the river bank.  We got home at 10.


Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

We headed out for a well need ride at 7:35. There was a group of 10-15 wood ducks on Lil Gortes. We passed Jerry and his dog under the rr bridge and a pontoon.  We dropped our furry friend food off and one small raccoon was waiting.  We saw 4 heron on the South side of Preston and a few more down by the ski course.  There was also a big group of swallows swarming around the dam diving all over after bugs.  The water was really gross, a green slimy film on top, so no swimming for the puppies.  We saw a few more boats on the way home.  No food and no raccoons when we got back.  When we pulled in close to drop more food one appeared and then another and another and another!  We watched 6 raccoons for about 25 minutes before heading home. Night hawks were out again diving and darting all around us.  We polled into dock at 9:55.


Monday, July 12th, 2010

No ride due to rain.


Sunday, July 11th, 2010

We pushed off the dock at 7:25 tonight under hazy and cloudy skies.  Since to early departing, we went up the Maumee to Jamie’s before turning back.  Have seen 4 other boats, 1 Jerry and 1 The Pirate.  Saw a group of 5 Mallards at DMP.  Dropped food off for our furry friends before heading for the dam.  A couple more boats on the dam side of the 281 bridge.  Mike walk the dogs, no swimming tonight, the water was fluorescent green and they wouldn’t go near it!  We saw quite a few big families of wood duck between Graceland and the 281 bridge. We also got to see a doe ans a tiny fawn, still not good at walking, by the 3 big pipes and another up at the power house of the GM water plant.  Then off to see our furry friends.  Nobody there and food gone but..,we had a second drop!  Just as we pulled close to shore, they came a runnin!  Four then five came out of everywhere.  It didn’t take them long to gobble it all up!  But in the mix of it all, Sammy, our youngest puppy of three years got a little excited and jumped right over Mike and the windshield and almost off the front of the boat had it not been for our lines and the eye!  We watched a little longer and headed home.  A few BIG raindrops fell but not even to get us damp.  Night hawks were out and flying low.  We docked at 9:56.  What a night and we didn’t even get to see a sunset, due to clouds.


Saturday, July 10th, 2010

We headed out at 7:40 for a ride.  Saw a group of 7 mallards between Lil Gortes and shore.  There is a lot of big debris tonight on the Auglaize.  We stopped at Celeste’s to pick her up for a ride.  Have seen 7 boats out, mostly pontoons.  Dropped the food off for the raccoons.  There are lots of heron and ducks along the shore between the 281 bridge and the dam.  The ski club out tubing, and here I thought they would be skiing!  Lots of boat traffic out on the way home, saw 10-15 boats (that is a lot this year).  We got back to the food drop and two raccoons were eating what was left so we put out the remaining food.  They gobbled it up sooo quick!  Two others came a little later.  We watched for  about 20 min before leaving, Mike has to work.  We dropped Celeste off at home, waiting for the train to cross bridge, Boots doesn’t like the noise, and headed for home. Docked at 10:05, just in time to see the last of the sunset…beautiful!


Friday, July 9th, 2010

No ride last night due to rain.  We could wait to go out tonight, we get antsy, what do people do in the summer if they don’t go out in the boat?  We left at 7:45 tonight.  Saw a group of mallards on Lil Gortes and another group just past the point of Gortes.The yellow ski boat out tubing and another boat.  We dropped the food off and nobody waiting. We saw a big deer by the GM water plant waiting to cross in front and about 20 wood duck on the bank.  Just as we pulled up to the dam dock, a motorcycle pulled up to the boat ramp.  They came down and checked out the boat and chatted with Mike about her for a good 20 min.  Then a quick walk for the dogs before heading home.  Ski Club still out tubing and wake boarding.  There are lots of small groups of ducks all along the shore.  We actually saw a big Great Blue Heron catch a BIG fish and swallow it whole!  Saw 5 or 6 other boats on the way home, even the pirate was out tonight.  By the time we got back to the food, it was gone but one little raccoon was left eating the crumbs so we put out more food!  The little guy didn’t even run off!  A second one joined after awhile then after eating, they both left.  We passed Chris on the back side of Preston, he was waiting for the firework show put on by the people on the hill.  We couldn’t stay, Mike has to work tonight and Boots doesn’t like the noise.  We rode up the Maumee to the Clinton St bridge before heading home. We passed a group of 13 mallards in front of Celeste’s house.  Got home at 9:55.


Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

We set out tonight at 7:40 and its 95 degrees. A blue heron was fishing between Lil Gortes and land. Saw only 3 boats out tonight. When we dropped the coon food, once again there were 4 little ones who ran off and then 2 adults came but they ran off shortly when we got close to shore. Saw a raccoon and a vulture fighting over food by the 281 bridge, the vulture won! We also saw 2 families of wood ducks by 3 big pipes and by dam area. The water at the dam docks is green with algae but it didn’t stop the puppies from swimming. Sam got in the boat with a green face! Saw 3 coons across river from the dam. The swallows and martins and wax wings back out tonight. Lots of kingfishers and herons too. Saw a deer by the food drop and lots of raccoons coming and going , at least 4 adults and 6 little ones! Boat passed by us at Hopkins bridge. Just as we approached  Gortes Island, the night hawks were swarming. Docked at home at 9:50. Arlon, hope your ride was as good as ours! We were thinking of you in your woodie!


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We set course at 7:50 tonight, its still super hot, 95 plus humidity!  We saw 3 other boats and made some waves for the tuber!  Then off to drop the raccoon food only to find 2 tiny raccoons already waiting!!  We made our way toward the dam seeing BIG groups of wood ducks, 20-30 in a group!  We passed 4 groups that size and a group of geese bathing.  Drove around down by the dam awhile because the ski doo boat people were there walking their dog.  After 15 min, we docked anyhow.  All went well, the dogs all got along then back aboard for the ride home.  Saw more ducks and geese on the way home and a few kingfishers but not many swallows pr martins or heron out tonight.  By the time we reached back to the food drop, all was gone and two raccoons scrounging.  We threw a couple graham crackers before heading home.  Lots of Common Night Hawks out tonight, even came out early!  Got home at 9:50.