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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas. We left at 7:40, we were waiting on a friend who never showed. We saw a deer in the long grass on the mainland by Lil Gortes. Passed the self proclaimed hippies at the far point of Gortes. We waited on a kayak at the 2nd st bridge and a jet ski just on the other side. @ raccoons came out as we pulled up to the buffet. The Night Hawks are out already and all around Preston. There was a group skiing at the ski course. Lizzy and I collected 7  buckeyes on our walk to the buckeye tree at the dam. She has yet to stay awake on the ride! Back at Preston, 7 raccoons were enjoying dinner. An owl flew over us just as we were pulling away. the sky is beautiful, lavender to pink to peach and yellow! There were some boats fishing between Hopkins and the RR bridges. Docked at 9:10


Monday, August 30th, 2010

Mike put in 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 7:25. Clouds are moving in and gave us a sprinkle. A pontoon under the 2nd St bridge, a jet ski at Pontiac and a fishing boat by the Clinton St bridge. P-nut butter boy and 2 other raccoons waiting. Have only seen 3 Heron tonight. Boys had a good walk but no swimming due to the fact they didn’t like the green slimy water at the dam. We had 8 raccoons back at Preston eating. A gorgeous sunset, bright orange annd the water was like glass. We went up the Maumee to Jamie’s then turned back for home. We docked at 9:35 and had another campfire.


Sunday, August 29th, 2010

We pulled out at 7:50 tonight with a new addition to our clan, Lizzy! We got a new puppy. She is 3lbs 2ozs, a lab-sheltie mix who is 4 1/2 weeks old! We saw 2 speed boats by the rr bridge and a pontoon under the 2nd St bridge. Lots of Purple Martins swarming the sky around the library. Dave is out and pass us. We had 4 raccoons waiting when we dropped the food. Lots of Heron everywhere. The people next to the yellow house on the hill stopped at the dam and talked to Mike about the boat. Lizzy and I had a short walk while the boys had a long walk.Saw 2 more boats by the ski club. A hawks flew in front of us by the three big pipes. There were 8 raccoons at the buffet when we returned! Saw three more boats on the way home. Docked at 9:35 and had campfire.


Saturday, August 28th, 2010

No ride last night because Mike, Eric, Gary, James and Hubbs worked laying block on the new “shop” until after 8:30. So today we left at noon to go for an afternoon ride!  We went up the Maumee to the Pirate’s Cove and then went to Pontiac Park for the Antique Classic Car Show, a few people came down to see our Woodie. We then went down and around Preston where we saw a few ducks and Heron. We beached on the north side and went Buckeye hunting! The dogs had a blast and we found a few buckeyes. We have seen 5 or 6 boats out and about. Rode around a bit more and went back to Pontiac to get a bit to eat, no luck gross food. So we headed for home. Docked at 2:45.

We headed back out at 7:20 just as Bill’s boy hit a rock in rock pass. Beautiful night, sunny, 78 and calm! Lots of boats still out. Steve passed us by the library and we saw the ski club out skiing. Two raccoons waiting when we dropped the food. The boys had a nice slow walk at the dam. Not many birds out tonight, too much boat traffic. Stopped at the ski club on the way home for a beer and met Joe Joe’s mom, Mary. Back at Preston, there was one eating then came peanut butter boy who stole the bag then they both ran off1 Little while later, 2 came and ate. A v bottom passed and scared them away so we lwft too. We took the long way around Preston and up and around the 281 bridge before heading home. Docked at 9:45 and had a campfire.


Thursday, August 26th, 2010

No ride last night on the Woodie, just ran the dogs to Gortes on the pontoon…Mike and Eric started laying block. Mike Eric and Gary laid block from 8am to 6:30 tonight and have 2 full layers done! We left tonight at 7:15 after adding 5 gals of gas. We are having a KFC picnic in the boat, everyone tired, even the dogs. The river is like glass, its cool-sweatshirts tonight. We saw a boat by DMP, the only other boat out. We dropped the food and nobody but we saw one running up the beach 1/2 way between the far point and the buffet! Saw 3 coons by the city water plant and threw them some biscuits. There are quite a few Herons and Kingfishers out tonight. Dogs had a slow run before we headed back to Preston. There were 2 raccoons and soon followed by 2 more. We watched a while before heading home for a campfire. Docked at 9:15.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Ordered block today to be delivered tomorrow. Overcast and cool but still going for a ride! Left at 7:50. Swallows all around Gortes. Lots of people at Pontiac fishing. At the food drop, 2 raccoons ran down the bank with us and there was one waiting, Tim had a full boat out skiing and were just pulling into the dock. Night Hawks out and a few heron. Back at Preston, we has 8 masked bandits waiting! A quiet night, pretty much had the river to ourselves! Docked at 9:25.


Monday, August 23rd, 2010

We left at 7:25 under threatening skies. We saw a boat fishing between the Hopkins and Second St bridges. By the time we got to the Maumee, the skies were clearing. We saw 5 Heron behind Preston. Vultures all around the island in the sky. We had 2 furry friends come to greet us as we dropped the food. We saw a fawn in the 281 bridge ans 5 raccoons by the city water treatment plant. There were 2 people standing on the dam and the wind kicked up. Back at Preston, 3 raccoons quickly turned to 5 as we watched them eat. Lots of Herons flying around tonight. We are headed home early because someone has called us about an old woodie for sale in the parking lot of Walmart that will only be there til morning. We saw a deer across from Riverside Park eating leaves off a tree on the river bank. Docked at 9:00.   Woodie was a bust, wanted $11,000 for a gray boat with all the chrome most of hte wood had to be replaced.


Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Picked my first Buckeyes of the year! Mike added 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 7:30. The turtle people were out in their boat. A red speed boat was putting in at Pontiac. We decided to go the long way around Preston to drop the food since we left a little early.Nobody there to greet us.  The ski club pontoon was out along with 2 v-bottoms. Night Hawks out early all over the river but there are tons of bugs! Chris’ pontoon park on 424 side by the power tower. All 4 columns are up at Graceland-its looking good. There was a lot of debris in the dam dock area. There was a boat sitting on the ramps and a group having a picnic. We have only seen 2 Heron tonight but we had a great sunset! One of the pontoons from down by the dam was out, we passed it by the 3 big pipes and saw a Sea Gull. Almost a full moon tonight. Back at the buffet, 5 raccoons were waiting and before long, there were 6! We went up the Maumee to the party lights and turned back for home. Just a we passed through rock pass, we saw 4 deer run between Lil Gortes and the mainland by moonlight! Docked at 9:40.


Saturday, August 21st, 2010

After it raining lightly all day, it cleared up about 6:30 so we jumped on the opportunity for a ride. We departed at 7:20. A couple fishing across from Lil Gortes and a boat fishing by the 2nd St bridge. Dropped the food off, nobody came out. Beautiful night, sun behind us and steam rolling off the water! Vultures are swarming around the electric towers. At the dam, 15 vultures covered the boat ramps which the dogs proceeded to chase the whole time we were there! They had a ball! A few Heron and Kingfishers out. Tim, from the ski club was just pulling into his dock when we passed. A Green heron flew in front of us as we passed the 3 big pipes. At Preston, we had one little raccoon run from the point all the way to the buffet spot along side of us! Soon, we had 7 raccoons we were watching eat dinner. Passed a boat fishing by the library on our way up the Maumee. We went up to the people  with “fancy lights”  then headed for home Docked at 9:35.


Friday, August 20th, 2010

Hot day, 97 and humid. We looked around for block and different kinds and had lots of people stopping over to see what is going on! We didn’t get to leave until 8:05 after adding 5 gals of gas. We passed a pontoon and the green boat fishing by the library. When we dropped the food, 2 raccoons came out. We also saw some ducks and herons behind Preston. Dave and 3 other boats were tied off together by McFeeters. Tons of Purple Martins swarming around Preston. By the time we reached the dam, the Night Hawks were out and a fishing boat was being trailered. By the time we left, it was getting cloudy and hazy, but the moon is still beautiful! An owl flew over us just after we left the dam! As we pulled up to buffet spot, we could still see the outlines of 8 raccoons. Docked at 9:45.


Thursday, August 19th, 2010

The footer was poured this morning with the help of Eric and James! We pushed off tonight at 7:15 and ended up paddling back to the dock due to dead battery. Mike charged it and we were on our way at 7:25! Its hot. Passed a boat under the Second St bridge and under the 281 bridge. One raccoon came out to eat at Preston. When we reached the dam, a boat was being pulled out of the water. A beautiful sunset tonight! Passed a pontoon by Graceland. Backed at the buffet, we watched 9 raccoons enjoy dinner. We met the Pirate ship at the point, us coming from one side and he from the other. Met up with Dave by DMP and chatted a bit. Passed another boat as we headed up the Maumee. Lots of bats out and a beautiful 3/4 moon! Went up to Dave’s and turned back for home. Enjoyed the moonlight reflecting off the water the whole way home! Docked at 9:45 and had another campfire.


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Today, we dug the footer for the shop…its really happening! We spent most of the day preparing for the concrete to be delivered tomorrow. We parted on a well deserved ride at 7:50 with hot beef sandwiches for a boat ride picnic. We stopped and picked up Celeste and headed for Preston. There were 2 raccoons waiting when we dropped the food. Saw a few more Herons and Kingfishers tonight than we have the last few nights. A Hawk flew over us by Graceland. We ended up watching 9 raccoons eat at our buffet tonight! Dropped Celeste off at 9:35. Passed a boat by Mike’s and the orange boat at the point of Gortes. Docked at 9:45 and had campfire and enjoyed the moonlight.


Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Mike got the garage moved forward today! The new boat shop is underway! We headed out at 7:30. Saw a heron by Mike’s and people at Riverside park. Nobody came out when we dropped the food. Its kind of a yucky night, overcast and cool. Only saw 2 more heron and 3 Kingfishers. There were 2 ski boats out by the ski club. The puppies scared a couple at the dam. Its quiet tonight due to 2 people jumping off the Clinton St bridge and got arrested.  Nobody hurt thanks goodness. Back at Preston, We started watching 4 raccoons and by the time we left there were 8! We docked at 9:30.


Monday, August 16th, 2010

We left tonight at 7:25, its cooler but a great night for a cruise! We saw a boat fishing by the Second St bridge. When we dropped the food, one raccoon was waiting and a second followed shortly. We saw a row boat at the far point of Preston and passed a ski boat by the 281 bridge. We saw just 3 Heron and a few Kingfishers tonight. There is a half of a moon and very bright! Back at Preston, we started with 2 and ended up watching 5 raccoons eat dinner. We docked at 9:30.


Sunday, August 15th, 2010

After Mike added 5 gals of gas, we headed out at 7:30 with McDonald’s for dinner. We saw a Heron by Mike’s then came up on a boat having trouble by the rr bridge. They said they didn’t need help so we were on our way. Passed the Pirate ship 1/2 between DMP and Preston. Just as we were about to go behind Preston, Mike saw someone waving from a boat on the other side of Preston. So, we went to see if they needed help. Turns out they did, so we towed them, 5 people in a small boat, back to Pontiac. Three other boats around but nobody wanted to help. Once we dropped them off, it was back to Preston to drop food for the raccoons, nobody came out. We haven’t seen the 6 pack or Star in 6 days since the Eagle and Hawks have been around. Under the 281 bridge, we saw a tiny fawn drinking from the river! Didn’t reach the dam until 8:25 but two Herons were waiting to say hello. Puppies had a quick walk and then headed for home. We saw the fawn again on the way home in the tall river grass! There was a group of Wood Ducks across the river from McFeeter’s dock. Not many birds out again, only a few Heron,  a few Kingfishers and some sandpipers. A hawk flew over us as we pulled up to 5 raccoons eating from our buffet, which later turned into 6. The Life Flight flew over us after a while scaring all the raccoons away so we headed home. Once on the Auglaize, we passed the kid from the yellow house on the hill who yelled something about not any fireworks, as  he scared Boots once with them! Finally docked at 9:30


Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Mike put in another 5 gals of gas. Our ride started at 7:35 tonight under iffy skies.  Just after reaching Gortes, 2 jet skies whizzed by. Lots of people fishing at Kingsbury, Pontiac, The library and DMP. There were also 2 boats heading out to fish and 2 jet skies pulling out at the docks. A few Heron out and no other birds. As we dropped the raccoon food, 2 more jet skies passed by, must be a night for jet skies. Only one raccoon came to eat. There were 4 more boats on the dam side of the 281 bridge. It was still a little early so we went passed the dam docks and down to the buoys marking the dam and then back to the dam docks. Lots more boats out on the way home tonight. Back at Preston, 4 raccoons came out to eat which eventually turned into 6. After a while, a pontoon came by and scared them all away…poor Sam. We saw one Night Hawk and one bat and 3 Heron…not many birds again tonight. There is 1/4 of a moon tonight which is beautiful on the river. we headed up the Maumee and stopped by Pontiac park to check out what movie was playing in the park tonight. We watch a little then headed home. Docked at 9:35.


Friday, August 13th, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas. We started our cruise at 7:30 tonight. Only saw 3 boats out the whole night. We filled the buffet but nobody came so off to the dam! Its really hot and humid. Lots of  Heron but all in the trees. We also saw a few Kingfishers and Swallows. Once again, another beautiful sunset! There are swirls of orange, peach, yellow, pink and blue. Only 3 raccoons came to eat tonight. Mike thinks it might have something to do with the Hawks and Eagles. A boats passed by and they scattered so we are off too. Saw the Pirate ship and 2 other pontoons. Lots of bats out on the Maumee. Once again, up to Jamie’s then turned around and headed for home. Docked at 9:45.


Thursday, August 12th, 2010

After Mike added 5 gals of gas, we headed out at 7:35. We passed another boat at the rr bridge. As we got close to the food drop at Preston, Mike saw 2 deer run up river then disappeared into the island. We saw 2 Heron and one raccoon waiting. Once past the 281 bridge, we saw 3 other boat and one of them was pulling a sitting skier. We were lucky to see a young Bald Eagle in a tree past the dam docks. It flew away when we tried to get close but it came back because we saw it when we left the dam! There was a boat fishing at the point of Preston. Once back at the buffet, 3 raccoons quickly turned to 6! A Hawk sat in a tree just above us as we watched the raccoons eat. We saw 5 more boats as we headed up the Maumee. Lots of bats and Night Hawks out tonight. We turned around at Jamie’s and headed for home. Docked at 9:50.


Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

No ride last night but we pushed off at 6:25, just after a storm passed through. We headed straight for McFeeter’s dock. Docked at 6:40 and headed up to Brittany and Riley’s for dinner. We pushed off again at 8:05 and headed back to Preston. Dropped the food off and watched the sun set a little while. It was beautiful, the sun bright orange, the clouds and the steam rolling off the top of the water, it was like a painting! Heading back to the dam, we saw a fawn drinking from the river under the 281 bridge and shortly after spotting it, mom and sibling followed! Just before pulling into the dam, we saw a group of 8 wood ducks across the river from the dam. The river has been ours, its like glass!  Night Hawks out and about. Jamie passed us at the water treatment plant. Very few Heron out tonight, only 3. Back at the food drop, one raccoon quickly turned into 8! While watching, an owl kept flying from tree to tree until finally flying over us. Once back at the library, we passed the orange boat from up river from us, 2 kayaks and canoe…all with no lights and it was dark.We docked at 9:50.


Monday, August 9th, 2010

Despite a short rain shower trying to detour us from our ride, we headed out at 7:45. A heron was fishing just past Gortes. We saw a heron just as we started back behind Preston and then we saw the Bald Eagle again in the same tree. A hawk flew over as we got closer to the Eagle. We dropped the food and 3 raccoons came out cautiously as the Eagle came back around twice! Star was at the far point hiding in the grass. The river is as still as glass and the sunset was gorgeous, a big burnt orange ball! As we pulled into the dam, someone was pulling their boat out. By the time we left, the clouds were rolling in and it was getting hazy and muggy. We saw a few more heron and a couple of swallows. A ski boat passed us in the opposite direction just as we came up on the three pipes. Star was moving about the point. Back at the buffet, we watched as 9 raccoons enjoyed the buffet. We docked at 9:40.


Sunday, August 8th, 2010

We pushed off at 7:30 tonight. Passed 2 v-bottom boats by Mike’s, almost ejected one guy out of the second with our wake:O  As we came around the back side of Preston, we saw a Bald Eagle up in the dead tree above our buffet spot!  I don’t care how many times we see them they are ALWAYS cool to see! We watched until it got spooked and them we feed the raccoons. One came out cautiously and then a second. We passed Star, who was out for a swim. The vultures were all coming in to roost too. The banks and trees loaded with Kingfishers and Herons tonight. There is life at the ski club but moving slowly. Just as we were approaching the dam, a v-bottom pulled out. Mike walked the dogs and we headed for home. Only, we didn’t get very far and neither did the v-bottom we passed earlier! We ended up towing back to the dam docks, they had motor trouble:(  Once back at Preston, we watch 10 raccoons, big and little, for a while. There was all kinds of squabbling going on tonight! We passed the Pirate at DMP. We docked at 9:50.


Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We headed out a little before 6:45 after Mike added yet another 5 gals of gas. We saw 2 boats by Kingbury tied together. There was an Egret at the near point of Preston! We stopped to fill the buffet and 2 raccoons were there and waiting but skittish, maybe cuz its early. We passed a boat tubing near the 281 bridge and when we got to the dam, another tuber was pulling their boat. On the way back, we stopped at the ski club to have a bite to eat and a little refreshments. Mike took someone on a ride and showed off the Woodie to everyone! Met a bunch of people, Sue, Laura, Sam’s wife, Doug Mike and John. The puppies were the first to say its time to go so we left about 9:15. Made a quick stop for our furry friends, 5 bigger one there and headed for home. Saw three more boats before pulling into the dock at 9:50.


Friday, August 6th, 2010

Mike added 5 gals of gas again before pushing off at 7:55. All Star games still going on at Kingsbury but Defiance is out, they took 4th place. We passed the pontoon from way up the Maumee who were out with their dog too. The six pack was there and waiting for us to refill the buffet! Saw Star at the far point of Preston. The members were at the ski club setting up for tomorrow. Sam came out and started surfing just as we were headed home. Passed a boat fishing at the point of Preston. Back at the buffet, one waiting and 5 came running! After a while, another one came. Several Heron out tonight. At 9:20, a boat passed us and then made two turns right in front of us pulling a tuber:O How stupid! Lots of fishermen out at Kingsbury. There are tons of bats and Night Hawks out all over. Docked at 9:45. Mike put in another 5 gals of gas in when we got home.


Thursday, August 5th, 2010

We headed out about 7:40 tonight, its a beautiful night and water is up a little so its not so scary to go through rock pass. Saw the DNR by Pontiac Park along with a couple of other boats, one knee boarding. Lots of Kingfishers and Herons. We went around Preston, the long way, to drop food off for raccoons. One was there and 5 other came tumbling up the river! We call them the Six Pack! Saw Star too. There is a big tent tonight at the ski club. Wind kicked up on the ride home making it a little chilly. When we got back to Preston, the Six Pack was there begging. We tried shooting mini marshmallows on the beach but the marshmallow gun doesn’t work very well :(   We ended up with 7 ring tailed bandits and a heron an arms length away which caught a fish while we were sitting there! Saw one v-bottom on the way home. We docked at 9:50.