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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Still working on getting ready to pour the floor of the shop, its been moved til at least Tues now. :( Mike added 5 gals of gas and we headed out at 6:45. We passed 2 boats fishing between the Hopkins and Second St bridges. At Preston, 2 raccoons followed us down the beach and 2 were already there and waiting! Boots got too excited and barked scaring them all away! We had a long walk at the dam. As we started our return trip, 4 Egrets flew into the trees across from the dam! Back at Preston, we had 8 raccoons waiting for dinner! All 3 dogs enjoyed watching them eat before we headed home. Pulled into the dock at 8:25.


Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

We worked late on the “shop” so we didn’t push off till 6:55. We saw 2 fishing boats and a ski boat before getting to Preston. At the food drop, nobody came out so we headed for the dam. Steve was out, we passed him at the “schoolhouse”. There were only 4 Egrets in the trees across from the dam. But, when we pulled out, there were 6! At Preston, we had 7 raccoons waiting for dinner! We ended up with 8 raccoons and a possum! We docked at 8:25.


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

No ride last night due to rain. We pushed off tonight at 6:45 after Mike added 5 gals of gas and a quick visit with James on the dock. We passed Dave in Jerry’s boat at the far point of Gortes. The sun is just coming out, its been sprinkling, overcast and cold all day. The high today was 58! As we pulled around the back side of Preston, we saw part of a rainbow. Only 1 raccoon came out to the food drop.  As we got to the far end of Preston, we could see the whole rainbow…It went from one side of the river to the other! :O We followed it all the way to the dam! We saw a few ducks and Heron. The leaves have really started to change. The 6 Egrets were in the trees across from the dam. Jamie was out tonight, passed him at the 3 big pipes. Back at the food drop, 2 raccoons were waiting. As we watched, a muskrat swam behind the boat! We ended up with 5 furry friends before calling it a night. We pulled into the dock at 8:30.


Sunday, September 26th, 2010

We spent the day shoveling and flattening out stone for the garage/shop. Mike added 5 gals of gas before we headed out for our ride at 7:25. We saw a couple fishing at Riverside Park and our boat neighbor by the library. At Preston, we had only one raccoon come for his snack. We passed Jamie at McFeeter’s.  There were lots of geese flying over tonight. We also saw a few Kingfishers and a couple of Heron. There were the 6 Egrets in the trees across from the dam. A quick walk due to its already dark. It was a cold ride home but the skyline was pretty. Once back at Preston, we had 3 raccoons waiting. We didn’t stay long because we couldn’t see them without a flashlight and because it is COLD! We got home at 9 and had a campfire.


Saturday, September 25th, 2010

We worked on sealing and covering the outside of the block on the garage today. We left at 7:00 tonight-its cold but the OSU Buckeyes won! There was a boat fishing between the Hopkins and Second St bridges. We had 3 raccoons waiting at the food drop tonight. We have also seen a few Heron, lots of ducks and geese flying overhead. We saw 2 deer on the bank eating leaves from a bush across from the ski club. There were 6 Egrets in the trees across from the dam. We took the puppies on a long walk at the dam since they didn’t have their afternoon boat ride and snoop! On the way back, we saw 3 deer eating from the bushes on the bank across from the old park. Back at Preston, we had 12 raccoons there and waiting for dinner! What fun the puppies had watching. We docked at 8:55 and had campfire for roasting hot dogs for the dogs!


Friday, September 24th, 2010

We worked late on the “Shop” tonight so we didn’t head out until 7:20 after Mike added 5 gals of gas. It is windy and cool, so much that we were both in long pants and wearing long sleeves at the start of the ride! At Preston, on the dead tree laying in the water, there were 2 turkeys and a Heron! At the food drop, there were 5 raccoons waiting! Only 6 Egrets down at the dam tonight We saw a lot of Heron, geese flying, a few ducks and a few Kingfishers. We had the river to ourselves tonight. On the ride back, we had beautiful orange sky in front and a full bight moon behind us…what more could you ask for?! Back at Preston, we always had 7 raccoons at a time, but new ones were coming and some would leave. Sam was loving it! Lizzy even got into watching them the last two nights! We had a cold and damp ride home. We docked at 8:55 and had a campfire and roasted hot dogs for the puppies!


Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

No ride last night due to Mike and Don scooping stone into the hole for the garage until after 9. Tonight we set off at 6:50. Its beautiful, breezy, sunny and 86! There was a v-bottom fishing across from Mike’s. As we got to the library, there must have been a couple of hundred Purple Martins swarming the sky! Lots of boats out tonight, one even across from our food drop so we didn’t make one. But, there were 2 raccoons there waiting. Lots of ducks and Kingfishers out and a few heron. Jerry was at the far end of Preston and members of the ski club, 4 boats, were skiing the length of Preston. The 8 Egrets were still in the same tree. We had a long walk at the dam before heading back. We passed Tim, Dave and Roger on our way back to Preston. At the food drop, we had 6 raccoon waiting and one swim up behind and around the boat! Then there were 9 and before we were done, we had 11! Mike was feeding them marshmallows while they were 3 feet from him standing up begging! We saw 3 more boats on the way home before docking at 8:55.


Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

After Mike put in another 5 gals of gas, we pushed off at 6:50. A pontoon passed us on the Auglaize, coming and going. At Kingsbury, Defiance High School was having their kick off bonfire to start homecoming week. At Preston, 4 raccoons followed down the bank to the food drop. Once there, one more came down from a tree. We saw a few Heron. Dave, Sue & Roger and Doug were all tied together floating around in boats on the dam side of the 281 bridge. The 8 Egrets were still in the same place. A hawk flew in front of us by the ski club. The moon is almost full but a bit hazy due to the clouds moving in. We passed the boat with the 5 dogs aboard, it always fun when there is a bark off! Back at Preston, we watched 7 raccoons eat dinner before heading home to dock at 8:50.


Monday, September 20th, 2010

We pushed off at 6:50 tonight. Bill’s son and his friends were fishing from their dock. Lots of geese flying over heading South.We passed Mike in his v-bottom at Kingsbury and headed for Preston. Just about at the food drop and we saw 2 turkeys and 2 ducks. Then, at the food drop, we had 2 raccoons waiting on us. A doe and her 2 yearlings were crossing in front of the GM water treatment plant as we drove past. Across from the dam, 8 Egrets were still in the same tree. On the way home, by the 3 big pipes, we saw 4 more deer! Back at Preston, we started out with 5 raccoons and ended up with 7. They came from every direction, the tree, the bushes and running down the bank! We watched a while before heading home. We docked at 8:50.


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas then we pushed off at 6:45. We had pizza on board. Our boat neighbor was fishing at the far point of Gortes and another boat fishing by Second St bridge. The turtle people have disassembled their dock and are getting ready to pull it.Steve passed us at the library.  At Preston, we saw 2 turkeys and 1 raccoon at the food drop…the Turkeys quickly ran off. Lots of ducks behind Preston, a group of 9 and a group of 5 and a few more scattered. Doug just pulled into the ski club as we passed by. Tonight, there were 8 Egrets in the trees across from the dam! Back at Preston, we had 8 furry friends waiting and 1 followed up the bank. A lot of Heron out and a few Night Hawks out. The moon was 2/3 full and bright. It was so bright, it allowed us to watch the raccoons a little later than normal. We went home the long way around Preston. We docked at 8:50.


Saturday, September 18th, 2010

We headed out at 6:45 and it was sprinkling off and on. At Preston, we dropped the food bag and 2 raccoons came running down the beach and 2 came out of the trees. There were 5 before we left for the dam. We passed 2 pontoons and Sam on the dam side of the 281 bridge. We didn’t see the Egrets tonight but we saw lots of Heron and Kingfishers. A hawk flew over us by the “school” house. Back at Preston, 6 raccoons were waiting for dinner! Night Hawks were out but flying high. 2 boats were at Riverside park. We docked early at 8:35 and had a campfire.


Friday, September 17th, 2010

No ride last night due to rain. After 5 gals gas and pushed off at 6:50. Its cool and 68 but sunny. There was a Heron, 3 Wood ducks and 2 Mallards on the dead tree just before the food drop spot. We dropped the food but nobody came out so off to the dam. We passed Sue and Roger by the 281 bridge. Down at the dam, 7 Egrets were still in the tree across from the dam. 2 guys were fishing at the dam on the pier. Lots of Heron along the banks. 7 raccoons waiting at the food drop and an 8th came running down the bank. As we sat there, Sam kept staring up at the tree above the boat. All of a sudden, we realized what he was watching…a raccoon was trying to position itself to drop into the boat! Needless to says we moved quickly! We passed a boat by DMP on our way up the Maumee. We turned back at Jamie’s and enjoyed the moonlit river ride home. We docked at 9:15 under the stars!


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

No ride last night due to Mike working late trying to get ready for the stone for the “shop”. We pushed off at 7:15, its cloudy. Passed Mike on his pontoon by Kingsbury and the Pirate ship and a ski boat by Preston. 3raccoons came out when we dropped the food bag which we watched for a few minutes before heading for the dam. There are 7 Egrets tonight flying around from tree to tree. Wind kicked up and the temp really dropped for the ride home. But, we had an awesome sunset!  Took pic, have to get Mike to put one up. The sky was almost red! Back at Preston, we watched 1 raccoon make a pig of itself before 2 more joined in the feast. Got home at 8:55.


Monday, September 13th, 2010

Mike added 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 6:50. Lots of swallows out again tonight. Lizzy was busy chewing on the dock lines! Passed Dave in Jerry’s boat by the RR bridge. Its beautiful, sunny and 78! Kingfishers and Heron are plentiful! Once again, nobody at the buffet so off to the dam. The 6 Egrets are still in the same tree. Good time had by all the puppies playing at the dam! The wind kicked up and it started getting cooler for our ride home. Eight raccoons came from all directions, even from the tops of the trees, back at the buffet spot at Preston! We also saw a deer laying under a bush on the bank in for a comfy snooze! Came home with the river lit by 1/3 of the moon and lots of stars! Docked at 9:00.


Sunday, September 12th, 2010

No ride last night due to rain. Tonight we pushed off at 7. There was an Osprey in the dead tree across from the dock! Swallows were out all up and down the Auglaize, Night Hawks are out too. We passed a v-bottom at Kingsbury and our boat neighbors by DMP. Its chilly and windy. Behind Preston, we saw another Osprey, 4 Wood Ducks and a Heron. Nobody came out at the food drop. Looks like McFeeter’s took his dock out today. Passed a pontoon by the 281 bridge. We saw 6 Egrets again today in the same tree across from the dam. We watched them awhile so a boat could pull out at the dam docks. Just before we left the dam, Steve drove by and waved. There is 1/4 of a moon out and bright. Lots of Kingfishers and Heron out all along the river. Back at Preston, we had 7 raccoons waiting when we pulled up. Mike beached the nose of the boat and we watched til it got too dark to see. On the way home, we passed a boat by DMP. Pulled into the dock at 9.


Friday, September 10th, 2010

Before pushing off at 7:15, Mike added another 5 gals of gas. We saw a young deer on our side of Mike’s then a doe and 2 young deer just past Mike’s! We passed a v-bottom between the RR bridge and the Hopkins bridge. Peanut butter boy was the only raccoon that came out and he emptied the bag and ran off with the bag! The 6 egret were still there in the trees by the dam!  There were Purple Martins everywhere! Just as we were leaving, on top of a big dead tree was an Osprey! Back at Preston, we watched 9 raccoons and 2 possums back at the food drop! The wind calmed down but its still rather chilly. A sliver of the moon and the sky full of stars! We docked at 9:00 and had a campfire.


Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We headed out at 7:30. Lots of Heron everywhere! Passed a boat by the library. Geese flew over us just as we were pulling behind Preston. There were 3 raccoons who eating down to eat the food we had dropped. At the dam, Tim had just pulled his boat out from skiing and was wiping it down. We walked the puppies and talked a bit before heading back home. Just as we were pulling away, I noticed 6 egrets in a tree just past the dam entrance. Its colder and the wind kicked up. Back at Preston, 8 raccoons were waiting on the beach! Once again, got to come home under the stars…its beautiful! Docked at 9:15. Then, we roasted hot dogs on a campfire for the puppies!


Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Mike put in 5 gals of gas before we pushed off at 7:05. Saw a v-bottom fishing by the RR bridge and passed a pontoon by the library. Saw 2 turkeys on Preston just before our food drop area! Dropped food bag and peanut butter boy came out and dumped the contents out then ran off with it! At the dam, a v-bottom was just putting in when we got there and when we were leaving, the red headed clan was coming to put in.  Its colder and the wind kicked up. Have seen 3 Heron and they were all in the trees. Another beautiful sunset! We watched 5 raccoons back at Preston before heading home. Docked at 9:10.


Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We headed out at 7:35. We saw 2 jet skies by Pontiac broken down so we gave them a tow and headed on our way. When we dropped the food bag, nobody but before we pulled away, there were 4 raccoons. Lizzy not only stayed awake for the ride to the dam, but she walked the dam dock by herself! The sunset was awesome, solid bright orange to swirls of what looked like orange sherbet! We saw 3 deer across from Graceland/now looking like a brick school house. Back at Preston, we ended up watching 9 raccoons and a possum! Came home under the stars to dock at 9:05.


Monday, September 6th, 2010

We pushed off at 7:05. Its a beautiful night for a cruise, 80 and sunny! We saw a pontoon and 2 other boats. We had 2 raccoons waiting on the beach for us to bring food. Lots of heron out everywhere. Lizzy stayed awake the whole way to the dam! She got to play in the tall grass before we all got back on board for the ride home. All is quiet at the Ski Club after last night! Back at Preston, 4 raccoons waiting for dinner which were joined by 2 more. Lizzy fell asleep at the food drop. Saw a pontoon by DMP and a boat being pulled out at Pontiac and our boat neighbor with his pontoon by the library fishing. We docked at 9:05.


Monday, September 6th, 2010

We pushed off at 2 after Mike added 10 gals of gas and headed for the ski club. It sunny and 76, warm as long as you are in the sun and out of the wind! We passed the pontoon with the older couple with dog, they were just beaching at Gortes to take their dogs for a walk. We stopped at the ski club for an hour and introduced Lizzy and headed for the dam, the boys had to take care of business and can’t in front of strangers! Then back to the ski club. Watched Christi try to ski on 22 different items for 22 seconds each for her 22nd birthday! She accomplished 18!! We headed home about 5:15 to feed the dogs and give Lizzy a break from the kids. Docked at 5:50.

We headed back out to the ski club at 7:05 to trade warm homemade brownies for some Hobo Stew! We’re sure they’ll trade! We saw a small remote control sailboat out near Pontiac Park sailing, we all slowed down. No feeding the raccoons tonight as I forgot their food on the counter. Arrived at the ski club about 7:45.  Had some brew and some stew! Headed for home at 9, we putted home under the stars…what a night! Docked at 10:05 and had campfire.


Saturday, September 4th, 2010

We headed out at 6, it cold, only 50 out, and very windy. Its not raining so we’re going for a ride! We saw a few other boats out, maybe 3 the whole ride. We had 2 raccoons meet us at the food drop. Saw some herons and a lot of Kingfishers tonight. the Green Heron was at the dam. Lizzy woke up for a walk but went right back to sleep once back in the boat. People are starting to gather at the ski club for the Labor Day party tomorrow. We saw a raccoon by the 3 big pipes. We had 7 furry friends back at Preston awaiting the food to be refilled! We watching a little while, it was hard due to the wind. Got home at 8:45 with red runny noses and had campfire!


Friday, September 3rd, 2010

We all headed for the dam at 7:00 after Mike put another 5 gals of gas in. There was a v-bottom across and down the way at the beach area. We came upon the Pirate Ship between the Hopkins and Second St Bridges. Then, the river was ours! It is a cool evening, 64 and windy. We actually have waves on our river, this is a rare happening. We saw a ground hog on Preston just before the buffet spot. We had 3 raccoons waiting when we pulled up. Lizzy slept the whole way to the dam. We all took a walk at the dam if for no other reason than to get warm! We have seen Heron, Kingfishers and Martins. It was a wet ride back on the Maumee! When we got back to Preston, we had 7 raccoons eating. We watched for a while which was challenging due to the wind! Lizzy was awake and snuggled inside my sweatshirt! Sam enjoyed it though! We were back at the dock at 9:10.


Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Boy’s night out… It’s just Me, Boots, and Sam tonight.

Put in 5 gallons of gas and pushed off at 7:00pm. We stopped at the ski club (8:00pm) to watch a little of Ohio State’s first game of the season. Left for home about 8:40 and arrived at 9:05pm.