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Monday, October 25th, 2010

Mike has the block for the garage started and 3 block high! Its really coming along, and I have started carving my 22 pumpkins. Its 70 and sunny! Mike added another 5 gals of gas. No ride last night due to rain. We pushed off at 6:15. We saw lots of ducks and a few heron. Lots of docks have been pulled..the Hippies, Wiseman’s, Steve’s, and everyone on the dam side of the 281 but Watson’s. Only one coon came out at Preston. Puppies had a good walk at the dam. Once again, the river is all ours! Back at the buffet, we had 8 raccoons and 2 possums! Docked at 7:45.


Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Quick ride to the church on the pontoon for the puppies before heading to Hubb’s lot party


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

No ride last night, waaaay to cold. Mike added 5 gals of gas. We pushed off at 6:10 with a pizza for dinner. There was a pontoon and dock being pulled out at Pontiac. Passed the Pirate ship at DMP. There were 15-20 wood ducks at the buffet spot but no raccoons. Saw a few heron and lots of Kingfishers and tons of ducks. No egrets at the dam tonight. I walked the puppies at the dam, Mike has sore leg. Looks like a full moon, beautiful! Pretty chilly out but no wind so the water is like glass. Back at the food drop, we had 5 masked bandits and a possum waiting for more yummies! We watched for a little while before heading home. Docked at 7:55 and had campfire.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We headed out at 6:20. Its sunny but windy and the temp is in the low 60’s. Saw someone fishing between the Hopkins and Second St bridges. We also passed the Pirate ship by Pontiac Park. We saw 8 wood ducks by the food drop but saw no raccoons. The sky was beautiful, pink sky for the sunset! The 6 egrets were again in the trees across from the dam. The puppies had a great walk and headed home. Almost a full moon tonight. We has a damp ride home with the waves splashing. Back at the food drop, we ended up with 8 raccoons and 2 possums! Pulled into the dock at 8.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We pushed off at 6:20 after Mike put in 5 gals of gas. It was cold but sunny. There were lots of leaves on the surface of the river on the Auglaize. At Preston, we saw a Heron and a Kingfisher, the only ones on the whole trip! At the buffet, thee were 2 raccoons waiting but before we pulled away, there were 5! The sunset was beautiful, lavender, pink and peach…what a site and to think we had the whole river to ourselves again tonight! The puppies had a nice walk at the dam and just as we were leaving, the 6 Egrets flew into their tree across from the dam docks! They have been here a long time this year. Back at Preston, we had 7 raccoons waiting but before we left, we had 9raccoons and a big possum! We made our way home in the moonlight, its almost a full moon. We docked at 8:10.


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Mike add 5 gals of gas then we headed out at 5:50. Sunny and a little warm-upper 50! Our boat neighbors took their boat and dock out as did the pontoon dock between the Hopkins and Second St bridges. Nobody at the food drop but 8 wood ducks further down and 53 vultures in the sky. 6 Egrets still in the trees across from the dam. We waited to walk the puppies as someone else was walking their dog. As we neared Preston, a hawk flew right in front of us. We only saw 2 Heron tonight, we see fewer and fewer. We had 4 raccoons and a possum at the buffet tonight. As we were leaving the food drop, 2 muskrats swam right in front of us. Once again, we had the river to ourselves. Pulled into the dock at 7:45 and had quick fire before Mike had to head off to work.


Saturday, October 16th, 2010

We left at 7 for a moonlit cruise! Passed a fishing boat at DMP and the Pirate ship at the 281 bridge. As we pulled up to the drop, one raccoon was waiting but there were four there before we pulled away. A quick walk at the dam since it was already dark. Back at Preston, there were 6 raccoons waiting to eat. We watched by moonlight and flashlight! We docked at 8:40.


Friday, October 15th, 2010

Mike wasn’t happy where he is with the progress on the garage so no ride last night. We pushed off at 6:45 and its was wet and cold, rained late last night too. At Preston, 4 raccoons followed us down the beach to the buffet where they scared off 5 wood ducks. Before we left, we had 6 raccoons eating. At the far end of Preston, we saw 5 deer eating in the tall grass on the bank…they didn’t even run off as we drove by! The 6 Egrets were in the trees across from the dam again tonight. When we got back to the buffet spot, 7 raccoons were waiting for dinner. Lizzy is having a ball watching them. She is not sure what to make of them! We pulled into the dock at 8:25.


Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Mike put in another 5 gals of gas and we left for our cruise at 5:30. Rain is coming so its cloudy, windy and cold. We saw a BIG deer swim across the widest section of the river between DMP and Preston! I couldn’t believe how fast it swam! We saw a couple of boats out fishing. Nobody greeted us at the buffet but it is early. Lots of ducks everywhere. We had a long walk at the dam. Just as we got in the boat to head back, we heard rumbling in the distance and the temp really dropped. Only one raccoon was waiting we didn’t stick around as it was starting to sprinkle. By the time we got to the library, we had a down pour! We docked under rain and lightening and thunder at 7:20.


Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Mike added another 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 6:40. Its still a nice night but cooler, 65 sunny but breezy. At Preston, 3 raccoons came out to greet us. We saw Heron, Kingfishers, geese, and lots of ducks tonight all up and down the river. By the time we started our trip home, the wind kicked up and the temp really dropped. The 6 Egrets were back and across from the dam. We had 9 raccoons waiting on us back at Preston! Even Lizzy got into the action watching, growling and barking at them! We had the whole river to ourselves tonight! Docked at 8:15.


Monday, October 11th, 2010

Headed out at 6:35, late start, Mickey was visiting. Our boat neighbors just went out and the orange boat, Jon, was fishing right a the start of rock pass. We had sloppy joes on the boat for dinner. It 70 and sunny! A kayak follow us from the point of Preston to the food drop and hung around so we just left but there were three raccoons waiting. We saw some ducks and heron. The sunset in the clouds was beautiful…the whole underside of the clouds were pink/red and reflected on the water then the sky behind them went from purple to hues of pink! Back at Preston, 8 raccoons waiting for dinner! We were home by 8:25.


Sunday, October 10th, 2010

We pushed off at 6:15 and someone fishing off the end of the dock. Its 70 and sunny and the trees are beautiful in orange and yellow. We saw 9 Red Tailed Hawks and a Bald Eagle while on our ride home on the pontoon from skipper beach. There are lots of boats out everywhere, even behind Preston. We didn’t get to leave food because of the boats fishing but 2 raccoons did come out to greet us. Our walk was cut short again due to a boat pulling into the docks to pull out of the water. We have seen lots of Heron, Kingfishers and ducks. A hawk flew over us by McFeeter’s. Nine furry friends were waiting and gobbled everything up quick! Plus, they ate 15 giant marshmallows as we torn them apart and threw them from the boat…they were 3 feet from us! We docked at 8:10 and had quick fire.


Saturday, October 9th, 2010

We headed out at 12:15 for an afternoon cruise! We saw 2 v-bottoms and a pontoon. A few Heron are flying around and some ducks. We had a long walk at the dam. The river was super yucky at the dam but that didn’t stop any of them from taking a swim! Even Lizzy got into the action by sitting in the water…that is the first time! :O :) We saw a few more boats out fishing for crappies on the way back. We went up the Maumee to Jamie’s then turned back and headed for home. We docked at 2:15.

Mike added 5 gals of gas then we headed out again for an evening cruise at 6:38. 14 Geese landed right i middle of the rock pass but moved quickly to Lil Gortes as soon as Boots started barking! We saw 2 Kayaks by DMP. What a gorgeous night, its 70, sunny and the trees are reflected in the water in all their fall colors! We had 3 raccoons waiting at the buffet. We even saw an Osprey at the far point of Preston high up in the dead tree. Then, a red Tailed Hawk flew over us by McFeeters. We had a long walk at the dam- the water cleared up for swimming! The wind started to kick up a bit and just as we were leaving the dam, 6 Egrets flew maybe 15 feet in front of us! Wow! Another Red Tailed Hawk flew in front of us by the ski club. There were lots of Heron and Kingfishers out tonight and even 2 owls in the trees at McFeeter’s. Back at Preston, we started with5 raccoons but by time we left, we had 11 raccoons and 3 possums at the buffet! We passed 2 boats at the library on the way home. We docked at 8:30 and had a campfire.


Friday, October 8th, 2010

We pushed off at 6:10 with Buffalo Wild Wing for a boat picnic. Saw 3boats fishing on the Auglaize and Maumee. At Preston, a heron sitting next to the food drop. One raccoon came out to eat. A beautiful night for a ride. Lots of ducks,Kingfishers and some Heron. Our walk was cut short at the dam because a boat came and wanted to pull out. We passed Steve going in opposite direction at the old park. At Preston, 5 raccoons followed up the bank to the food drop! As we headed home, we saw Jerry and the Pirate ship tied together float in the middle of the river by the library. An owl flew over us as we got near Gortes. We docked at 8 and had a fire to roast wiennie for the puppies!


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

No rides due to rain on the 2 & 3. The 4-6th, we readied and poured the concrete floor. Finally, a ride today! We headed out at 6. We saw 2 v-bottoms fishing on the Auglaize, passed Jerry by Pontiac Park, and the Pirate ship a the point of Preston. At the food drop, we saw nobody but further down the island we saw 4 wood ducks. The trees have gotten really yellow and orange. Its sunny and in mid 60’s. The people in the yellow house on the hill pulled their dock and pontoons. The ski club was picking up their course markers up today. Boots was so excited when we go to the dam, he jumped too early off the boat and missed the dock and had to swim to shore! :O Back at Preston, as we neared the the food drop, we saw 4 deer eat from a bush on the bank! When we dropped the food, one raccoon was waiting behind the tree but wouldn’t venture out. Just then, Defiance College started shooting off their fireworks to kick off homecoming. We watched a little while then circled Preston to come back and see 2 raccoons and a possum! What a night! Pulled into the dock at 8:10.


Friday, October 1st, 2010

Mike added 5 gals of gas before heading out at 6:55 tonight. Mike headed out just as we came up on his dock. Its 60 and clouds are setting in but the sky is beautiful with the bottom of the clouds all red! We saw the Pirate ship by the library. At, Preston, just before the food drop, we saw 2 turkeys and just after we passed them,, they flew right behind the boat across the river! We had 2 raccoons follow us down the beach, one waiting and one come down the tree! Jim, duck feet from ski club, was fishing at the 281 bridge. Lots of ducks and Heron out tonight. Once at the dam, we walked a while before Jim docked. He asked if we’d give him a ride to Waton’s, the dock with all the pontoons, to pick up his truck. So we all loaded up and headed back up river. At the food drop, we had 5 masked bandits waiting and soon there were 9! We docked at 8:35.