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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Mike checked out the boat today trying to find out why the battery keeps draining. He also changed the spark plugs. We pushed off at 7:45- its hot and super humid and a little overcast. A mom and 8 little baby ducks on Lil Gortes with a Blue Heron. Kingfishers are everywhere. Slimy green film on the surface of the Auglaize. Saw 2 jet skies and a pontoon between library and the Clinton St bridge and 2 v bottoms fishing between Steve’s and preston Island. Peanut butter boy was waiting on hind feet at the food drop! Lenny stood on picnic table waving like mad to make sure we saw him! Watson’s were out too.Nice walk at the dam.Swallows and Heron all over. We saw a deer swim from the mainland to the east point of Preston! 😮 8 Raccoons eating at the food drop tonight, all kind of small. Night Hawks dart about. As we came up to the dock, 5 ducks scattered about! Docked at 9:40 and had a campfire.


Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Mike added 5 gals of gas and some oil  and still having battery trouble, we gave her a jump tonight to get her going. We headed out at 8:05. It was a nice night. We saw 3 boats on the Auglaize and 5 on the Maumee, including Dave and Jamie. We saw lots of heron out on both rivers! Drop the food bag on Preston but nobody came so off we headed for the dam. We ran into a couple turtle hunting at the dam. They showed me their find while Mike ran the dogs. On the way home, we passed Jamie again towing a boat back to the dam. We had an extra slow ride back so Jamie could pass and we would be able the enjoy the raccoons for a little while, he like to scare them off! :( We saw one raccoon by the 281 bridge and thought it would be the only one we saw all night. Back at the food drop, no one there so we waited. Eventually, we had two little brave ones show and before we left there were 4! :) It got a little chilly on the way home. Docked at 9:50.


Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

We had battery trouble so Mike jumped started the battery with a black and decker jumper box we had bought last year in Akron at a boat show. We finally left at 7:55, its kind of cool but sunny. Passed a boat at Pontiac just wrapping up skiing, just after passing it, Lizzy got sick (too much ham bone) :( Dropped the food bag and as soon as we were pulling away, one showed up. Pontoon passed us by McFeeter’s going pretty going pretty fast until they hit our wake! :) There were 3 cormorants in the big dead tree and lots of blue heron about. The ski course is in! Puppies had a good walk and swim. Stopped at the Ski Club for a quick hello with Mike Sulley and Tim before heading back to Preston. Lizzy got sick 2 more times before getting back to Preston where 3 raccoons were waiting. Before we left, there were 6! As we passed Lil Gortes, we saw an owl up in a tree and as we pulled into the dock, 5 ducks darted in all directions making the puppies go crazy! They came out from under the dock, boat and on all sides! We docked at 9:55.


Monday, June 27th, 2011

We pushed off at 7:30 and its pretty warm. We saw 3 heron on our way down the Auglaize. We passed a pontoon anchored by Pontiac. We had one raccoon standing on its hind feet waiting for food! A big hawk flew over. At the GM water plant, a mom raccoon and her 6 babies were trying to cross. Puppies had a good walk and swim. We stopped at the ski club for a quick visit. Saw another beautiful sunset. Once again, herons, swallows and purple martins were all about the entire cruise. We saw a big raccoon by the 281 bridge hiding behind trees as it looked for food. Three raccoons followed us up the beach to the food drop and before we left, there were 5! We watched until the puppies were sooo tired they couldn’t hold their heads up any longer! We docked at 9:45, just in time for Mike to get ready for work!


Monday, June 27th, 2011

We left at 7:40, another beautiful evening!  A hot air balloon went overhead just as we pulled away from the dock. People by the railroad bridge were swimming and jumping from a rope swing into the river. Saw Dave just before reaching Preston, with a full boat! Paul R’s wife and daughter were kayaking behind Preston. One little raccoon followed us down the beach to the food drop, we watched for a while before taking off for the dam. Just as we took off, the life flight flew over scaring Boots! Lots of debris, both big and small. Saw another 2 kayaks under the 281 bridge. The docks are in at the Ski Club but not positioned.Life flight flew over again, must be a busy night.  As we pulled into the dam, someone was fishing from the other dock and a jet skier driving around waiting for the dock. Puppies had a quick walk before heading back. Even saw a Sea Gull tonight! Lots of Herons, Purple Martins and Swallows darting about. Saw a raccoon just passed the ski club and a doe and her fawn by the big dead tree eating leaves from a tree on the bank. It was beautiful to watch the deer and the sun set at the same time. :) As we passed under the 281 bridge, we saw another big deer crossing under at the same time. What a night for wildlife! :) Back at the food drop, a big blue heron was in the tree just above us and 4 raccoons were waiting and 3 ran up the beach with us! Lizzy almost went off the front of the boat she was soo excited. :) When I pulled her back, she pouted!  :( An owl flew over us. Another boat passed as we were watching and scared all the raccoons away so we headed on our way too. We passed Wiseman’s by Pontiac Park  on our way up the Maumee and Mike fished a life jacket out of the river. We went up the Maumee as far as Dave’s before turning back for home. We docked at 10:20 and had a long campfire! What a great night!!


Saturday, June 25th, 2011

What a big day…we started off today with a trip to Algonac, MI to a wooden boat show. Well worth the trip. Got to see so many different boats even a little tug. Mike got to talk with “The Old Boat Guy”, who came all the way from Idaho with his Ensign! Lizzy, our youngest puppy going to her first boat show, didn’t care for the show so much, she wasn’t used to the crowds :(  Because of this we didn’t get to stay too long but the good news was we get to squeeze a ride in tonight!

We shoved off at 8:25 tonight and its a beautiful evening! There are lots of Purple Martins and Swallows everywhere. Passed a pontoon between Mike’s and Bill’s, they were just hanging out and swimming. Lots of people fishing at Riverside, Pontiac, Kingsbury and the library. They are getting ready to start a movie in the park at Pontiac, just wish we could see from the river. :(  We dropped a small food bag at the drop for the raccoons and just as we were coming out on the far point of Preston, a ground hog or muskrat swam in front of us! Down where the ski course should be we saw a deer drinking from the river. The pontoon from the dock closest to the dam passed us with a full boat. At the dam, puppies had a good walk. There has been soo many fish jumping and tons of heron everywhere. At the 3 big pipes, we saw a raccoon scrounging for food. Back at the food drop, we had one raccoon waiting and another quickly came and before long we had 3! Just as we were leaving, another muskrat swam right in front of the boat! We passed another boat fishing under the railroad bridge. We docked at 10:15 and had a small campfire!


Friday, June 24th, 2011

Our first woodie ride of the year!  It was cold, only 63 and cloudy and the threat of rain, but Mike had his mind set on putting her in today!  We launched MJ after a quick check and wash. Mike, Boots, Sam and Lizzy, our three dogs, and I pushed off the Pontiac Park dock at 7:10 tonight. We dropped a food bag off on the back side of Preston for the raccoons before heading for the dam. We saw 2 cormorants on the big dead tree. Wind kicked up and its getting colder. The ski club is slacking more than us…no ski course and only 2 docks in the water. A few houses down from them, with all the pontoons, they were enjoying beer while sitting on a dock…although it was NOT in the water! We had to wait a few minutes for a boat at the dam but then the puppies got their walk and just as we were taking off, a Blue Heron few right in front of us. I don’t know who was more surprised! On the way back to Preston, we saw 3 ducks, too far away to tell what kind and a Canadian Goose. No furry friends at the food bag as there was a boat fishing right there. By the time we came out the other side of Preston, it had gotten pretty cold and really overcast so we headed home. We docked at 8:50. its sooooo nice having our evening cruise back! Tomorrow we are going to the Algonac boat show and hope to meet up  “The Old Boat Guy”.

MJ’s inspection

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Everything checked out okay. So on to the water test… Floats, runs – all good!

Got MJ in the Driveway

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Finally got the space cleared out enough to bring our Riviera home this evening.

I’ve been crazy busy working on the garage addition and I’m still not really in a position to slack-off on it yet, but almost…

In the meantime (when it’s too hot to work on the garage) I can clean/inspect the Chris-Craft. Usually I over-do-it so hopefully there won’t be any major problems to address and she can be floating by the weekend.

Life begins for 2011…

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Finally, finally, finally got to put in the dock today…

Just one week ago, May 28th, our river bank,dock landing, and 10 foot v-bottom boat had disappeared to 17.38 feet of rushing water. The river reached an all-time new historic crest, top 10 in the last 100 years…

Today, the banks were down to just over 4 feet above normal.

The trip from Pontiac Park across the Maumee was still a bit of a chore with the current but our little pontoon made it. Myself, Stephanie, Boots, Sam, and Lizzy roasted for about an hour on our 1.25 mile trip to our house as the temperatures soared to 98 degrees.