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Sunday, July 31st, 2011

We headed out at 7:50. Lots of debris on the Auglaize. Its still very hot and humid, still above 90! 😮 There were 2 boats pulling out at Pontiac. Lots of Purple Martins swarming in that area too. We had 9 raccoons come out for dinner including 5 babies! :) Puppies had a good run, Boots seems to be getting better. We had a beautiful orange sunset tonight and had the river all to ourselves! There were 3 raccoons midway between the 281 bridge and the city water plant. Back at Preston, there were 8 hungry furry critters waiting for dinner! We went up the Maumee to the Clinton St bridge before turning back for home. Docked at 9:50.


Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Mike added another 5 gals of gas to MJ before we left at 7:40. Its hot and humid and 86. There is a lot of debris again tonight. We passed a couple of ski boats , a couple of fishing boats and the Pirate ship. At the food drop, we had 9 raccoons and 7 vultures just up the beach. At the dam, we waited on a ski boat to pull so the puppies could have a good run. Even Boots enjoyed his run tonight, the first time in a week. :)  There was a lot of activity at the ski club but all of it was on land. We watched a beautiful sunset before returning to Preston. Half way between the point and the food drop, we saw a deer eating on a tree. There were lots of Heron, Martins, and Swallows out. At the food drop, we had 11 raccoons come out for dinner and desert…we got to feed them marshmallows tonight!! :) We went back around Preston the long way before heading for home. We passed Dave at the point. We docked at 9:55.


Friday, July 29th, 2011

The puppies, Smack, Keshia, and Mike and I all headed out at 7:25. Water is low again. Lots of boat traffic on the Auglaize and the Maumee both coming and going. At Preston, dropping the first food bag, we had 9 raccoons.  We saw a deer by the tower near the 281 bridge, Lizzy scared it barking! :) We saw a lot of raccoons between the 281 bridge and the dam on the way there and on the return trip! Puppies had a good run and all went swimming just to get Keshia and Smack went for the return trip! 😮 Night Hawks were out early, there were also lots of Martins, Swallows and Kingfishers. Back at Preston, we had 11 raccoons come out for the food bag. While watching, a 2 foot water snake swam right next to the boat!! 😮 We docked at 9:55.


Thursday, July 28th, 2011



Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Mike added another 5 gals of gas. Water is still high. We pushed off at 7:35. Lots of debris. We have the whole river to ourselves! :) At the food drop, 8 raccoons came out for dinner. Lizzy and Sam had a good run at the dam. While Boots got out long enough to go to the bathroom before jumping back in the boat. It feels like a storm is close- its hot, humid and overcast. Back at Preston, we had 10 raccoons come to enjoy the feast with lots of bickering!! 😮 We went back the long way around Preston before heading home. Docked at 9:50.


Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

While Mike added 5 gals of gas, a pontoon drove by. We pushed off at 7:35. Waves, debris and high water tonight. Lots of boats out from the library to the dam. At the food drop. 8 furry ones appeared for dinner. Lots of Herons, Ducks and some swallows out. Puppies had a good run. Back at Preston, we had 9 raccoons at the food drop. Turned out to be a beautiful night for a ride, not too hot, calm water and a great sunset! :)  We docked at 9:55.


Monday, July 25th, 2011

We pushed off at 7:35 and had to wait on a pontoon to go thru the rock pass first. Aaron was just docking when we went by and a ski boat pulling a little boy on a wakeboard. At Preston, 8 furry ones came running. we saw a Red Tailed Hawk soaring by the 281 bridge. John, from the ski club, was getting ready to take a couple of kids skiing. Puppies had a good run and Lizzy got into the muck again. :(  There has been a lot of Swallows, Martins, Kingfishers and a few heron out tonight. By the city water plant, we stopped and chatted with Jeff and Mc Feeters.  On our return trip to Preston, we watched 8 raccoons enjoy our food drop and while watching, we saw a deer just up the beach eating on a tree.  We went up the Maumee to Dave’s before turning back for home. Docked at 10:09.


Sunday, July 24th, 2011

No ride last night, lots of storms. We headed out at 8:20. There were 2 geese across from Lil Gortes. Its overcast and humid but a bit cooler. We saw Aaron fishing between the Hopkins St bridge and the Second St bridge.Dropped food bag and a mom and 5 baby raccoons came running down the beach and 4 more from under the bush. At the dam, 7 ducks were on the boat ramp. All the puppies had a good run but only Boots went swimming. We saw a deer eating the bush by the start of the ski course. We saw a lone coon by the 3 big pipes. Back at the food drop, we had 8 raccoons. The horizon was a beautiful orange peeking out behind the clouds. :)  We saw a few Heron and lots of Nighthawks out on the Auglaize. Docked at 10:05.


Friday, July 22nd, 2011

No ride the last two night due to the heat, its been over 100 til after 9 PM. We left tonight at 8. There was a Heron across from Lil Gortes. The river is up due to the rain West of here. At the first food drop, 7 raccoons came running. We watched until a pontoon drove by scaring them all away. We passed Richard pulling a little girl on a wakeboard. Sam and Lizzy had a good run while Boots is still spooked. A Big doe by the tower next to the 281 bridge. At the second food drop, we had 5 raccoons and 2 owls flew over us! We docked at 10:05.


Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Left at 7:40. Bill at Hopkins Street bridge. 2 jet skies by Pontiac who followed us jumping our wake. Jerry was by DMP with another boat. 6 raccoons at food drop. Boat passed on other side. Richard from the ski club was pulling a little girl on knee board. Puppies had good time at dam. People came down to turtle hunt. Hubba Hubba came home just as we passed his dock. Vern was out too. No birds cuz its sooooop hot….still 96! Beautiful sunset! Three deer under 281 bridge. 13 raccoons at food drop on return trip! Boy are they fighters tonight! Up to Clinton St bridge before heading home. Docked at 9:50


Monday, July 18th, 2011

No ride due to storms. :(


Sunday, July 17th, 2011

As Mike uncovered MJ, Mike, Hubba-Hubba, stopped by on his pontoon for a visit. We pushed off at 8:05 and it is still 96! We saw a small buck and a small doe across from Lil Gortes and another doe by McMillian’s. Jerry drove by before we got to the RR bridge and the Pirate Ship by Aaron’s. We also passed our dock neighbor by the library. At Pontiac, 2 jet skies and a ski doo boat were cruising around. At Preston, we had 9 raccoons (5 babies) were at the food drop. We also saw a heron. We saw 4 little raccoons at the beginning of the ski course too! :) Puppies had a good run but no swimming, the water was too nasty even for the puppies! :(  We passed 2 boats before driving by the ski club-all quiet there, yesterday wiped them out! Back at Preston, 2 heron and 17 Raccoons were at the food drop! :) 😮 That is the most we have ever had! Night Hawks out and about. Gorgeous sky line tonight! Docked at 9:55 and it is still above 90! :(


Sunday, July 17th, 2011

We tried to get an early start for a visit to the Indian Lake Boat Show but it wasn’t in the books! Mike went to pick up the trailer and brought it home when he discovered one of the bumpers was completely rotten! :( Mike got busy right away replacing the bumper. He finally finished around noon. Mike left on MJ about 12:40 and I left in the truck pulling the trailer with the puppies for Pontiac Park. We pulled her and were in route by 1:15.  We got to Indian Lake and had MJ in by 2:40. Although trying, we made it to the show after it ended. We did get to see a few of the boats. Mike walked around taking photos and others checked out our woodie while I walked the puppies. Its funny, no matter how many shows we go to, they are all amazed we allow 3 dogs in our woodie! 😮 We enjoyed the lake for another hour or so until everyone was super hot and headed back. Lizzy had a better time at this show but she sure hated the rough water! :( She has a lot to learn about boating yet! We pulled at 4:50, took the puppies to the dog beach for a quick swim before heading home. :)

We got home let the puppies rest while we ate dinner then back to boating! We put MJ back into her home river at 8:20-Lizzy loving to be home on her home river, its not rough! :) We dropped a food bag At Preston and 6 raccoons came out to eat. Just down the beach, we saw a family of 7 ducks running for shelter and just as we came to the far point of Preston, we had to stop and wait for a baby raccoon to swim in front of the boat! The water got really nasty on the other side of the 281 bridge. We passed a v-bottom fishing at the city water plant. Just as we were pulling into the dam, a mom and 5 babies ducks swam under the dock. The mom flew off trying to distract the dogs, which did not work! So I watched after the babies while Mike walked the dogs. Mom would swim by every couple of minutes squawking at her babies. After a quick swim, the puppies got back aboard and we left. As we drove by the ski club, it looked busy but everybody looks rough and tired- looks like they had a big day on the river too! Passed Lenny on his pontoon and Watson’s on theirs. Back at Preston, 12 raccoons were waiting! We watched for a while before moving on. We sat where the rivers joining for a while, 4 other boats passed us as we just enjoyed the evening. We docked at 10:40 and had campfire. Thought we’d call it an early night but visitors convinced us otherwise! :) Chris stopped by on his pontoon and the neighbors came down to enjoy our fire too!


Saturday, July 16th, 2011

We headed out at 8:15, all is pretty quiet. Came across 5 of the ski club boats tied together and floating by DMP. We stopped and joined for an hour or so until the puppies decided it was time to get moving. Dropped the 1st food bag at 9:20 and had 12 raccoons waiting! 😮 Puppies had a quick run and chase of ducks at the dam since it was already getting dark. Beautiful full orange moon! We got back to Preston after dark and dropped the second food bag-nobody-then all of a sudden they came from every direction! We had 12 furry ones which we watched by flashlight till the mosquitoes got to be too much. :( Rode home by moonlight and docked at 10:40. While the boys hunted muskrats, Mike, Lizzy and I had a campfire!


Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Mike, Boots and Lizzy left at 8:10 and returned at 10. He had campfire.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Mike added another 5 gals of gas before we headed out at 8:05. All is pretty quiet. Dave Powell pulled out of Jerry’s as we went by. 2 boats fishing on either side of Preston, one right by the food drop so no drop on the way there, just means double on the return trip! Dave Pickler was out for a cruise by the ski course. Puppies had a good run and swim, Boots enjoyed an extra long swim! We saw 4 raccoons between the 3 big pipes and the city water plant t. We watched till Lizzy scared them off barking at them! Back at Preston, 13 raccoons were waiting, they came out of everywhere! There was lots of fighting and no food left when we headed for home. As we pulled up to dock at 10, the puppies all flew out of the boat and up the dock and proceeded barking crazy! It turned out they chased a baby raccoon up a short deck post and Sam was trying to climb up Boot’s back to get it! After a 30 minute confrontation, we managed to get the puppies back while Mike chased the little guy up a tree to safety! 😮 :) I doubt he’ll return! Then we had a campfire.


Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

We headed out at 7:30 after Mike put in a new battery. A couple of jet skies out and Dave P passed us as we were having a picnic by the library with KFC! A pontoon from up river from us went by too. There were 2 baby raccoon bathing each other at the food drop, it was soooo cute! As we pulled away, they were joined by another raccoon. Lots of Martins and Herons tonight. We saw people at the ski club and at Vern’s.Puppies had a great run and Lizzy even stayed out of the river muck tonight! Back at Preston, we had 13 raccoons waiting! Lizzy flew from the back deck to the bow…thought she was gone if I hadn’t grabbed hold of her tail!! 😮 We passed the pirate Ship on the other side of Preston on our trip home. The wind kicked up and its getting cloudy. The temp drop but it feels good! We docked at 9:55.


Monday, July 11th, 2011

We left at 7:55- very humid. Nobody at  the food drop. we saw the pirate ship and Dave (with the green ski boat) by McFeeter’s. We saw lots of Heron behind Preston but none the whole way to the dam. Puppies had a great run and swim at the dam. We saw a duck, a heron and a raccoon between the ski course and the 281 bridge. The sky started getting overcast again. Its really dark to the south. Back at Preston, we had 13 raccoons waiting!! 😮 I never saw a food bag disappear sooo fast! The sky looked really neat in front of us, red on top and baby blue at the bottom! Soon it gave way to the clouds so we headed for home. We saw two deer by McMillan’s, just passed rock pass. We docked at 10.


Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Way hot and humid toady…heat index over 108! We left at 7:50 with a view of the hot air balloon. We saw Mike on his pontoon and 2 others before getting to the food drop. Waiting at the food drop were 2 adult and 2 tiny raccoons! A boat pulled into the dam at the same time as we did, the little girls loved the puppies! They had a good run and swim before climbing back aboard! Not many birds out, its 8:45 and still over 90! There is an orange haze over the ski course. From the dam to the 281 bridge, we only saw 1 heron, 1 wood duck and some kind of all white duck (Not a seagull!) Right at the bridge, a mom and 8 baby ducks swam in front of the boat! At the food drop,with 6 raccoons and ended with 12!! We also had an owl land in the dead tree right next to us! Then, just down the bank, there was a deer drinking from the river! It turned out to be a great night for wildlife!! :) Night Hawks all up and down the Auglaize! Docked at 10.


Saturday, July 9th, 2011

We left at 7:50 tonight. We saw a deer on the beach across from Lil Gortes and passed 3 boats  all before getting passed Lil Gortes! Quiet then til we hit the Maumee then we saw several boats out. Dropped the food bag and two raccoons were waiting. Lots of Heron out. The ski club was all busy tonight! Puppies had a good run and swim at the dam. We saw a beautiful sunset, twice! Back at the food drop, we had 6 little furry friends waiting! Circled Preston again before heading home. Docked in the company of ducks again at 9:45.


Friday, July 8th, 2011

We headed out at 7:50 tonight. Heron out everywhere on both rivers, kingfishers too! Passed a pontoon, Steve and another boat all before Preston. There were two raccoons hiding at the food drop! At the dam, 2 people were fishing at ton the docks so puppies has a short walk on leashes. :( We saw raccoons of all sizes along the river bank between the dam and the 281 bridge. We passed a jet ski at the 281 bridge. Night hawks darting all around. We ended up having 7 adults and 2 baby raccoons at the food drop on the return trip! :) We pulled up to the dock in the company of ducks at 10.


Thursday, July 7th, 2011

We pushed off at 7:20 after some more battery trouble. Passed Jamie and a pontoon at the Second St bridge. Already lots of Kingfishers and Herons out. Its pretty windy and overcast-like rain is close but the radar says otherwise. There were 2 girls on the dock at the dam so puppies started on leashes again, but they had a good run and Sam had something cornered in the rocks! We stopped at the ski club and talked with all the guys, they had fun giving us a hard time about me being 6 months pregnant! Back at Preston, 3 furry ones joined us at the food drop! A pontoon went by and with all the barking, the raccoons ran off. :( So, we went around Preston the long way and passed Dave P. We saw a beautiful red sunset before heading home. Pulled up to the dock at 9:45.


Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

We pushed off at 7:40. Heidi, my sister, had a baby girl tonight at 6:23! Her name is Pauliann and she weighed 7lbs 10 ozs and was 19 inches! We saw a deer across from Lil Gortes on the mainland just as we headed into rock pass! Dave P passed by  at DMP and we passed the pirate ship just before getting to Preston! Dropped the food bag but no takers, there was another boat back there. We followed a ski boat all the way to the dam. Puppies had to be on leaches  at the dam til the boat left then then got to run! Couple of cars drove in to check out the boat. We have seen quite a few Martins and Heron tonight. We stopped and watched a family of 5 raccoons by the ski course til Lizzy could hold back anymore and started barking! :) We had a mom and 2 babies 20 yards from food drop and 6 at the food drop! We passed a few boats on the way home between Pontiac Park and Wiseman’s. Night Hawks all over the sky! Docked at 9:55.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

We left at 7:40 and its still over 90! Saw two other boats on the Auglaize. We went up the Maumee to the Clinton St Bridge then turned and headed for Preston. One little raccoon followed us down the beach to the food drop and had a feast to itself! We saw a deer by the three big pipes. Puppies had a good run-Lizzy got into the river muck stinking up the boat pretty good! :(  We saw a mom and 2 baby raccoons half way between the ski course and the big dead tree and 2duck families, one at the GM water plant and the other at the city water plant! We had 4 raccoons at the food drop! On the way home, we saw a deer between Paul’s and DMP! We stopped at the dock by the RR bridge cuz they were yelling for us, turned out it was Aaron Beecher, someone Mike graduated from high school with and were pretty good friends! Pulled into the dock at 10.