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June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

We pushed off at 7:25, its still 98 degrees. We saw a few boats out. At Preston, we saw a tiny raccoon down river from the food drop. Just as we came out on the other side of Preston, the red headed kid was waiting on his jet ski to jump our wake! We saw Herons, Kingfishers, Swallows and Martins. Haven’t seen the vultures. We stopped at the ski club to introduce some more people to Chris and see the new puppies everyone got this spring! We never made it to the dam. Sam had a good time but Lizzy was ready to leave! Back at Preston, mom and 4 babies were eating but quickly disappeared when we arrived only to return after we left. :( We docked at 9:25.

June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29th, 2012

We all headed out at 7:25, its cooler, only 78! A big storm went thru lasting 45 min with high wind and hail. There are a lot of trees down and lots of debris in the water. With the heavy rain and the dryness, the level of the water didn’t raise. At Preston, a lone raccoon was making its with to the food drop as we passed him at the west point. We passed a group from the ski club out skiing and another boat. A Bald Eagle flew over the dam just after we docked. Mike, Chris and puppies and a good run! ( Chris is walking as long as he can hold on to your hands). The have been a few Heron and Kingfishers. Lots of Swallows and Martins and Night Hawks on the ride home.. When we pulled up to drop the second bag, mom and 2 baby raccoons were eating but quickly vanished until we were gone. :( Moon is gorgeous! Mike discovered some holes in the exhaust elbow so we headed home early so he could check it out. Docked at 9:10.

June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

At 5:40 tonight we launched MJ for the summer! We filled her up before putting her in at Pontiac Park. It was the hottest day or the year, 108 degrees! Mike, Sam and Lizzy rode her home while Chris, our 8 month old son, and I took the truck and trailer home. The water is at an all time low, we have had virtually no rain this spring and summer. This part of the country is in the red for drought.

At 7:40, Mike, Sam, Lizzy and I took Christopher out for his first woodie ride! We saw a couple of jet skiers right off the bat. On the Maumee, near Preston, we were blessed to see the Bald Eagle hunting a group of ducks! We dropped the food bag on the south side then circled around to the north side to say hi to part of the ski club crew enjoying the cool water at a sandy spot! After introducing everyone to Chris and chatting for about a half hour, we all piled back into the boat, getting it filthy:) and headed for the dam. Mike and Chris took the puppies for a walk before heading home. (Have to be home earlier because Mike has an earlier start time for work :( ). Across from Graceland, we saw a family of 5 raccoons scouring the bank. We saw no raccoons at either food drop but the bag was gone! We have seen a lot of Kingfishers, swallows, and heron and on the return trip, night hawks. We saw a lone raccoon by the turtle people and a young deer between Lil Gortes and land. We docked at 9:35.