July 2, 2012

Mike put some screws in a board by the hatch before leaving tonight, a board was pushing up.

We left about 7:35 tonight, we had periods of overcast and sun the whole ride. We passed a boat fishing on the Auglaize by the rr bridge and another at Pontiac Park. We had 7 raccoons waiting in the trees at the food drop, Chris watched in amazement! We saw a few heron and Kingfishers. Quick walk at the dam, Chris is tried and a little cranky. Back at Preston and the second food drop, we watched while 8 raccoons ate timidly! At the west point, we saw a large gaggle of geese in the water and by DMP a family of ducks were crossing the river. We docked at 9:15. Beautiful sunset, red and orange! :)


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  1. Arlon says:

    Hi guys, good to read you again. Chris is already 8 months, Awsome.

    I’ve had my boat out twice. Last evening, we took my friends boat for a water test, It will be ready for Tahoe in August.


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