July 3, 2012

At 7:30, it was 102 degrees and Mike went down and uncovered MJ and put in 10 gals of gas. Around 8:30. Mike, Chris, Riley, Brittany and I headed out for the fireworks. We rode down to McFeeter’s then headed back to the library to find a spot to anchor. It was super hot and humid. Chris woke up for the fireworks, Looking so cute sporting his ear muffs! He watched in amazement with his eyes super wide open! Then, was back asleep within 5 mins of the end of the fireworks! Not many people or boats out, maybe a 1/4 of what is normally out for fireworks. Afterwords, we putted around a bit watching the various fireworks people were shoot off then headed down to the ski club. We had a beer or two then headed for home. Docked at 12:40.

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