July 4, 2012

Its 7:30 and 104 degrees but only feels like 109!! 😮 We saw 6 jet skies and the jr pirate ship.Chris fell asleep before we even got to Preston!  At the first food drop, we had 1 raccoon waiting at the waters edge and 3 more quickly followed! All was quiet up and down the river, Napoleon had fireworks tonight. Mike walked the puppies while Chris continued to nap. Just as we came back under the 281 bridge, we saw McFeeter’s pull out of his dock for a ride. he went up river and we continued on to Preston to the food drop. We started with 4 raccoons but quickly had 6! We didn’t get to watch long before we got a phone call from McFeeters, he ran out of gas at the opposite point and on the the side of Preston! So, we were off the rescue him before he ended up in the rocks…good thing we keeps a spare 2 gal can in the boat! We saw a few more jet skies around Pontiac on the way home. We docked at 9:35(Mike has to work at 10 :(

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