July 5, 2012

Almost missed a ride tonight. A big storm was heading right for us but broke apart just before Defiance. :(  We headed out at 7:40. Saw a jet ski by Aaron’s. Lots of heron out all  over. At Preston, we pulled up to food drop and raccoons came running from every direction…too much of a temptation for Lizzy. She flew off the boat and was on the tail of raccoons running before we realized she was off the boat! 😮 :) After about 4 min she reappeared about 100 ft down river. How they got away from her, I have no idea! We got her back in the boat and threw the food bag and left. Then, Half way between McFeeter’s and the 281 bridge, we watched a deer for about 5 mins. Mike walked the puppies at the dam, Chris had fallen asleep from all the excitement! The temperature dropped 15-20 degrees.On the way back to Preston, we only saw one boat. At the point of Preston, we saw a deer at the water’s edge. Pulling up to the food drop, we didn’t think we would see any raccoons but there were 9 raccoons waiting!! Lots of Heron and Kingfishers out. Docked at 9:20.

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