July 7, 2012

Its still 102 but a breeze is around so we decided to go for a ride. We left at 7:50. We saw 4 boats and 3 jet skies. At Preston, we had 4 coons waiting for the first drop and one came running up the shore as we were pulling away! We saw a Bald Eagle near the ski course after a flock of ducks! A big crew from Sulley’s and Sam’s were at Lenny’s for a bonfire tonight. We had to use the other dock at the dam due to someone sitting at the regular dock trying to fix their boat. Mike and Chris took the puppies for a walk. On the way home, we saw a couple of raccoons by the 281 bridge.We had 5 raccoons waiting at the food drop! We only saw 1 Heron tonight but we got to see another Bald Eagle in the dead tree at DMP! We went up the Maumee to the pirate cove then turned back and headed for home. Docked at 9:30.

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