July 8, 2012

Its a cool night, only 86! :) We left at 7:35. Lots of boats out on both rivers tonight, I think we counted 17! At the first drop, we had 6 raccoons which we only got to watch for a little while because 3 pontoons drove by scaring them off. :(  We stopped at Sam’s to drop off a surf board for his river bar, nobody around. But Mike and the puppies had a good walk there anyhow while Chris and I stayed in the boat for a bottle! We drove past the dam, docks were bus, and circled back for home. Saw lots of ducks and coons along the river bank. There were also lots of Kingfishers and a few Heron. For the second drop, we had 8 raccoons! We docked at 9:20, Mike is on Vacation this week so we get to stay out past 9:30! :) :) :)

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