July 10, 2012

Late start tonight, 8:20. Mike put in 5 gals of gas. Chris was asleep before we even got to rock pass! A little ground hog on Lil Gortes caused all kinds of commotion for the puppies! Waited at the Hopkin St bridge for the guy a little down river for us to pass (he was the one who got drunk and drove his boat over the dam last year) We made a nice wake for the 4 kayaks by DMP. At the first food drop we had 6 raccoons plus about a dozen heron and a gaggle of geese! We saw Pickler and another guy from WAY up on the Maumee so we stopped to say hi. Mike and Chris took the puppies for a walk at the dam. On the way home, we saw a deer by¬† the 281 bridge and another in the yard of McFeeter’s neighbor, Ralph! Back at Preston, we had 7 raccoons for the second drop. We went up the Maumee to just past Pickler’s and turned back. Stopped and talked a little to Pickler before heading home. We docked at 10:25. A beautiful night. :)

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