July 14, 2012

After being at Silver Lake for a few days and not having any boat rides, we couldn’t wait for our usual time so we headed out at 6:35 after Mike added 5 gals of gas. We saw a Bald Eagle in the dead tree at the point of Lil Gortes! We passed 5 or 6 boats between the library and Preston. A lone and skittish raccoon came out for the first drop. Lots of people at Sam’s, his dad retirement party. Mike and Chris walked the puppies at the dam. We stopped at the ski club and visited with Sam and his party and then at Sulley’s and his party! About 8:30 we said our goodbyes and headed for Preston. At Preston, 5 other boats were behind and swimming. We dropped the bag anyhow and 4 raccoons came out. We circled around Preston and made some waves for some jet skies then headed up the Maumee. Turned back at Pickler’s as it started to sprinkle. Just as we crossed under the rr bridge, the drizzle turned to rain! We docked at 9:25. The rain stopped as we got to the top of the hill! :(

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