July 15, 2012

We left tonight at 7:40. We saw Tom and Susan at the rr bridge. There was a group of geese just up river from the food drop…puppies got super excited! :) Dropped the food bag but to no surprise, no raccoons showed, puppies got too excited! Since Chris was sleeping, Mike had to walk the puppies by himself at the dam. We watched a doe and her 2 fawns across from Sulley’s till a boat went by and scared them off! We circled back to see if they came back them headed for Preston. We dropped the food bag and only one raccoon showed after a long wait. At Pontiac, someone was putting in skies at 9:15! We saw lots of Heron, ducks, Kingfishers, Martins and Night Hawks! We docked at 9:30.

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