July 16, 2012

Its still 100 degrees! Mike added another 5 gals of gas. We all loaded up armed with KFC for dinner and headed out at 7:15. Just passed Bill’s, we saw 2 fawns playing in the creek! What fun!! :) Chris was asleep before we got to the rr bridge! At Preston, 3 raccoons were waiting. We made a nice wake for a skier showing off thinking he could jump the wake one handed…total wipe out! We saw a hawk across from Graceland that had caught a fish. Chris woke up just in time to go with Mike to walk the puppies at the dam. We stopped at Sam’s for a quick hi. While there, John stopped as did Pickler, Rodger and Sue. Puppies had another walk and then off to Preston. We saw a doe and 3 fawns with spots just down river from the 3 big pipes and a large group of ducks! At Preston, 8 raccoons came out for the second food drop! Then finally, we saw 5 Heron just up river from food drop, first and only ones we saw all night! We docked at 9:30.

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