July 20, 2012

It rained yesterday. Mike did some work on the spark plugs before we pulled away from the dock at 7:15. BIG group of geese between land and Lil Gortes. Saw 3 other boats before Preston. Had a lone coon come out for the food drop and 7 Heron! Lots of Kingfishers, Ducks and Heron out all over the river. Roger and Pickler passed us and pulled into the ski club. Once again, Chris woke up just in time for a walk! Chris and Mike walked the puppies at the dam, while there, another boat pulled out. About 10-12 Egrets and a couple of Heron flying around by the dam. We stopped at the ski club for a while then off to Preston. Passed Watson and Sam on Watson’s pontoon. At the second drop, there were 7 raccoons. Docked at 9:25.

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