July 26, 2012

Mike put in another 5 gals of gas before we left at 7:35. There was a Heron across from the dock and a jet ski drove by just as we were backing out. Lots of Kingfishers and Heron flying about. We had 4 raccoons at the food drop. All is quiet on the river. The only other boat out was Tom and Susan and they pulled out after we drove by and were docked long before we drove by the second time! We did see an Osprey by the 3 big pipes flying around. Chris woke up so he and Mike walked the puppies at the dam. The group of 21 geese were all over McFeeter’s hill! We had 10 raccoons for the second drop! Pirate Jr passed us at DMP, we honked at each other. Docked at 9:20.

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