Aug 21, 2014

We haven’t gone out for two nights due to rain. Mike sold his sand rail last night so it must have been meant to happen ! :(

We left around 7, Mike, Chris, Sam, Lizzy and myself. Some debris. Chris played with his animals on the dash. Lots of birds, we have an Egret who has made it way back by us and fishes around Little Gortes. Beautiful night and we are the only one out again! These people don’t know what they are missing!! ¬†We had about 17 coons at our first food drop and even more on the return trip!! It’s been a great summer feeding them, have had a bunch since the first night back in June! Chris and the pups love to watch. We saw a Holden Eagle in flight fishing around the water treatment plant! Stopped at the ski club where Chris played with Theo and Mime walked the dogs! Saw 5 deer in McFeeter’s land on return trip! Docked about 9:15….what a perfect ride!

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