About this Boat-Log

This is our Boat-Log depicting the journey of our boating experiences.

We started in 1996 with our first Classic boat:

  • 1951 18′ Chris-Craft Riviera – Hull #18-R-660

Summer 2009, we purchased another new Classic boat:

  • 1946 16′ Garwood Ensign

Our journey continues as the Garwood is going to require a lot of research in order to determine it’s original construction, engine, history, etc. The search has begun, yet there’s still more to be done…

  • The Chris-Craft is still going to need maintained!
  • It’ll still be necessary to watch every sunset while afloat!
  • There’s got to be time for Beer!
  • …and Love!
  • Also, there’s helping other boater…

The entries in this “Boat-Log” will record these events, and hopefully our experiences will help you.

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