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The Inspiration of Algonac

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Saturday, June 25th, we made our way to Algonac Michigan to the boat show “Where it all began.” We were able to meet the “Oldboatguy,” Arlon and see his beautifully restored GarWood Ensign. The oldboatguy pulled his boat all the way to Algonac from Idaho alone. That’s quite a trip and very inspirational… Even more than being where woodies all began.

Taking three dogs to a boat show is just too much… It was hard enough before with two large male labs, but three labs is too much. Our newest puppy, not even a year old, did not like all the strange people. Before, we could take turns seeing and photographing the woodies, but these three monsters/beasts all want to do different things… Boots wanted to crawl under someones boat to just hang out, Sam just wanted to go swimming, and Lizzy just wanted to go on a ride away from all the hoop-la…

I was able to verify that our Ensign was originally made with engine bed logs. Also, got a better idea of the brightwork meant for it. Forgot to ask what ever happened to the old continental the oldboatguy got last year, but found out he’s got himself a Riviera of his own for a future project. We can wish him the best of luck and hopes he and family enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours…

All this inspiration has pushed me along on our garage addition and today our GarWood was pushed into the new garage awaiting it’s makeover!

Wooden Keels & Vintage Wheels at Indian Lake

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Photos and write-up coming…

Okay, Photos are here…

Algonac – Where it all began…

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

This is “Where It All Began.” Sponsored by the Michigan chapter of the ACBS in the place where Smith and Wood lived, worked and played. Algonac Michigan is located on the St.Clair River. It’s wide and deep with little jet ski’s running along with freighters and such. The show was held at the Algonac Harbour Club and consists of some deep water docks with many large boats. Back behind the restaurant, the woodies were moored below for everyone to view. There was plenty of room for us to have our dogs here… We’ll be marking this show in our calendar for next year!

This particular boat show was special in that a statue of Gar Wood and Christoper Smith was unveiled next the Algonac/Clay Historical Society Museum. Most of the remaining Smith’s and Wood’s were there for the event and our timing couldn’t have been better. We arrive just after the unveiling just in time to see many of the woodies cruising by in a parade.

We got quite a few good pictures while we were there. Here’s a few random ones from our gallery…

f155.jpg Ensign07.jpg Algonac146.jpg g100.jpg

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in our Gallery

And, while there we also saw a “WoodyBoater” pick-up truck, so be sure to check out his site for more coverage of the event and some even better photos a few post down…

Portage Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Show

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

The Portage Lakes Antique & Classic boat show is one of the oldest shows in the country. This 35th annual event is co-sponsored by the North Coast Ohio chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) and the Portage Lakes Historical Society.

The show was held at the docks of
“The Olde Harbor Inn” and “Hook,
Line & Drinkers” restaurants.

There were quite a few magnificent woodies displayed with several receiving awards. Be sure to check out the event’s show photos